Domains and domain names are easy to manage with us. You can add an unlimited number of domain names and sub domains to a website through our admin panel. You can access the domains you add immediately as well. Secure your domain names SSL support can also easily be managed […]

Development domains

Our development domains makes it easy, fast and secure to develop new websites. Each development site receives a unique URL, which can’t be guessed by an external part, with a setup that prevents double indexing (and SEO penalties). Fast and secure by default The development domains are all secure by […]

Servebolt Linux

Servebolt Linux is a proprietary fork of Scientific Linux that is maintained by Servebolt, and used to power the Servebolt Cloud. Servebolt Linux is designed to deliver exceptional web performance and security, and implements numerous optimizations for everything from hardware features, networking, disk access, system services and the Servebolt Cloud hosting stack. Starting […]


A Bolt™ is a collection of a website’s environments (stage/dev/prod) on a server in the Servebolt Cloud and it defines the capabilities and features available to each environment.


drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for the open-source Drupal CMS. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for users and developers of Drupal, with thousands of useful commands. Unleash the power of Drupal with Drush! Manage everything in Drupal Drush can be used to interact with modules, themes […]


The speed of PHP is important for optimal performance of your website. PHP is usually the most resource intensive part of the hosting stack, and if PHP runs faster the HTML can be delivered to the browser faster. Servebolt builds and maintains custom versions of PHP, that implement optimizations that […]

Magento command line tool

Magento 2 comes with the command line tool «magento». On a Bolt you can simply write «magento» (rather than bin/magento or php bin/magento like a lot of online docs say) from anywhere, to switch deploy modes, rebuild static assets – or use any of the other command line features. For […]

Argo Smart Routing

Argo Smart Routing optimizes the network path between Cloudflare and the Servebolt origin web server. Because all sorts of congestions and disruptions occur on the internet all the time, Argo intelligently routes traffic using the fastest possible path from A to B. For Servebolt clients, Argo Smart Routing is included […]


Cloudflare is the worlds largest provider of content delivery network (CDN) services, DDoS protection, Internet security and DNS services. Servebolt is a certified Cloudflare Enterprise partner and re-seller of all Cloudflare services. We also integrate and peer on a networking level to optimize performance between our data centers. Improving global loading times There are […]

Managed hosting

All Servebolt hosting, is managed hosting. Managed hosting means that you only need to maintain and your hosted application, for example your WordPress. Both hardware and network failures, and the software running your website is maintained by Servebolt. When you buy managed hosting, you eliminate both risk and work relating […]

Magento 2 HTML Cache

The Servebolt HTML cache for Magento 2 maximizes the performance and speed of Magento 2 at it’s peak. In addition to making your website faster, it increases the ability to scale when your shop experiences heavy traffic. What Servebolt M2Cache does Magento 2 has a built in cache system that always should […]


Magento Enterprise Edition is built for scale, and runs faster and smoother for everyone on Servebolt hosting. Enjoy all the benefits of high performance managed  Servebolt Cloud hosting for your store.

Git integration

Our Git integration is possibly the markets easiest Git integration to use. You can with one click pull in any branch in your Git repository to the web-root of your site. The git integration even comes with webhooks, which enables you to activate automatic deployment when changes happen in your […]

Full Page Cache

Caching is used to speed up and scale websites and can be implemented on many levels. You can also enable caching to prevent the slashdot-effect. Our own full page caching is a safe, easy and predictable cache and works for any type of site running on Servebolt, including Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce and […]

WordPress Multisite

All Bolts in the Servebolt Cloud™ has full WordPress multisite support. Choose between sub-folder and sub-domain setup, and use a domain mapping plugin if your multisite needs require it. Our amazingly fast databases and PHP ensures even large WordPress networks loads fast. What is WordPress Multisite? WordPress includes the ability to create […]


The WordPress cache is supercharged by the Servebolt hosting stack in multiple ways. Caching of static assets, like scripts, stylesheets and images is built-in by default, with optimal compression settings. Caching of HTML can easily be enabled, and it also uses the cache systems already present in the hosting stack. […]


Your WordPress installation on a Bolt is guaranteed faster. Faster than hosting your WordPress on any VPS, Shared hosting, Amazon, Google Cloud based hosting, or any other cloud hosting.