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Why choose Servebolt hosting for your site or store?

18 reasons to choose Servebolt hosting

We focus on the key factors for successful website and eCommerce infrastructure, and that results in the best managed hosting for PHP & MySQL applications in the world.

Key factors

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Scalability and Availability
  • Sustainability
  • Deployment and workflow
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Out of the box performance

The Servebolt Cloud is built with performance and website loading speeds in mind. Each and every component and layer of the stack is carefully chosen, benchmarked and tested to ensure maximal performance. Your site will be faster on Servebolt, out of the box, compared to all other hosting out there. In other words; You will see better performance just by moving to Servebolt.

Optimized OS

Servebolt Linux is our own OS. Built and optimized by our own engineers. This is a part of the stack few other hosting companies dare to touch. But on Servebolt hosting, Servebolt Linux lays the ground for extreme performance and effective resource consumption in the rest of the stack.

Optimized Database

We have our own, optimized, build of MariaDB. Your MySQL database will run up to 8 times faster, out of the box, on Servebolt compared to most other hosting alternatives. A fast database is fundamental to delivering websites as fast as possible.

Optimized PHP

All PHP versions in the Servebolt Cloud is optimized by our engineers for higher performance compared to the stock version. Our versions of PHP run 15-35% faster than stock versions of PHP, without compromising on features and abilities in PHP.

Optimized server cache

Caching is key to scaling a website, reduce server load, and ensure the best loading speed for static or non-unique pages. We build and run our own optimized version of NGINX – optimized to deliver cache as fast as possible at scale.

The Servebolt Stack is not off the shelf. It’s optimized, customized, and built from the ground up with performance first in mind. Components and features that are nice to have, but impacts the performance negatively, are removed and replaced by more effective features and components. Our performance is our pride, and we are proud that the work we put in every day to make Servebolt Cloud faster, results in top tier results in the largest independent hosting benchmark in the world.

High scalability

A positive effect of extreme performance, besides the obvious effect on loading speeds, is that a website is that a fast loading page with a low time to first byte scales better. It spends less CPU power to deliver a website to X amount of visitors, leaving more CPU power ready to work. This means that our focus on performance also helps your website scale easier. Together with making sure your site always has enough RAM available among other things, we can scale your website more easily out of the box than most other hosting alternatives.

Unlimited RAM

A common bottleneck when scaling a website is RAM. At Servebolt we provide Unlimited RAM for all price plans. This ensures that you don’t need to worry about having enough RAM. We take care of it.

Enough CPU policy

Having enough CPU should not be a bottleneck for a website or e-commerce store. That’s why we have the “Enough CPU” policy. All our plans scale from a minimum of 20 PHP hits per second. That means 50 to 100 page views per second depending on the cache hit rate.

Cloudflare partnership

For high scalability needs, we have a close partnership and integrations with Cloudflare. Cloudflare can improve performance, scalability and security of your website like no other.


24/7/365 monitoring

We monitor the traffic to our network and resource consumption on all servers 24/7/365. We, and our upstream partners Blix Solutions and Cloudflare, proactively work to stop malicious traffic before it even comes close to your website.

Always maintained

Our stack and servers are maintained, updated and constantly patched. Security often comes at the cost of performance. On Servebolt however, we work hard to change that. I.e due to our already extreme performance, the necessary patches for CPU vulnerabilities like Spectre and Meltdown does not affect your sites’ performance as much as with our competitors.

Secured access

Our platform is designed with a very high level of security, with all servers and Bolts being secured by AppArmor and other security measures deeply integrated in Servebolt Linux. All Bolts are also administered from one central location, unlike cPanel/Plesk where the administration happens on the server itself. This provides multiple additional layers of security.

Automatic disaster recovery backups

We do automatic disaster recovery backups of code, files and database every day to a secret location. The location is inside the EEA/EU to ensure GDPR compliance. These backups can be used to recover from disastrous incidents and mishaps on your website. We retain daily backups for 14 days, and the maximum retention is 30 days. This backup is automatic, and needs no manual action or setup.


Faster is greener

The internet in total has a larger carbon footprint than air travel. Our stack is faster than all other alternatives, resulting is less energy consumption delivering a website. Less energy consumption means a lower carbon footprint.

Our servers always run renewable energy if possible

We prioritize renewable energy sources for our datacenters and climate compensate when renewable energy is not available. The internet has a huge carbon footprint, and it is our responsibility to contribute to lowering the carbon footprint.

We Care For Planet Earth

Fastest & scalable hosting that runs on green energy

We take pride in promoting and consuming sustainable energy to power our hosting infrastructure. While hosting your WordPress site with Servebolt you don’t only get to enjoy high-performance and scalability but your site also consumes less energy.

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Easy, flexible and fast deployment

Integrated git with automatic deployment

We have Git integrated in our control panel, with webhooks for automated deployment when changes are detected in the branch you’ve set up to be automatically deployed. The deployment is done in less than 3 seconds – with no downtime. Deployments can also be manually triggered if you need more control over your deployments.

Support for modern CI/CD tools

We integrate easily with most deploy, build and CI/CD tools via SSH & rsync. We make it easy for you to use your own tools like Capistrano, DeployHQ, Codeship, Jenkins, TeamCity, BranchCI and many more.

Availability and SLA

Free 99.9% system uptime guarantee

All our plans come with a standard SLA – at no additional cost – which includes 99.9% system uptime guarantee.

100% network and power uptime guarantee

All our plans come with a standard SLA at no additional cost which includes 100% network and power uptime guarantee.

High Availability hardware

Our infrastructure is designed for high availability, with failover components in all layers of the stack. This means that if something fails, an automatic failover switches to using other components. In addition to the magic failover switching, our team monitors our platform 24/7 ensuring that everything is running smoothly.