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Performance review

Is your website as fast as it can, and should be?
Let's find out!

The Performance Review gives you the necessary knowledge to ensure that your website or shop works and performs like intended, that it is fast and bug free. Combine it with a load test to gain insights into the ultimate limits of your current setup and configuration.

Common for all websites is that web performance affects scalability and the end user experience. Regular Performance Reviews are necessary if you believe that web performance directly impacts the performance of your business, or expect increasing traffic.

We deliver a report with an overview of tasks that need to be conducted to address all uncovered problems. We pay special attention to bottlenecks, bugs (from database to php, HTML and CSS), discover optimisation opportunities, scalability issues and much more.


  • WordPress – from €600
  • WooCommerce – from €600
  • Magento CE – from €800
  • Magento EE – from €1200

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