Cloudflare is the world’s largest provider of content delivery network (CDN) services, DDoS protection, Internet security and DNS services.

Servebolt is a certified Cloudflare Enterprise partner and re-seller of all Cloudflare services. We also integrate and peer on a networking level to optimize performance between our data centres.

Improving global loading times

There are many ways in which the variety of Cloudflare services and features can improve the loading time for your website.

The Cloudflare DNS infrastructure is the fastest in the World, outcompeting Google and other major players. They also provide the DNS service for free. This service makes DNS lookups private and also improves the speed of end users.

Their CDN service is a global network of data centres that cache static content (images, scripts etc.) for website visitors all over the world. On higher-level plans, edge full-page caching can also be enabled to enhance worldwide performance further.

Stops brute force and hacking attacks

The Cloudflare DDoS mitigation service stops (brute-force) traffic attacks and their security service acts like a firewall and stops many hacking attempts from even reaching web servers. This is great for both performance and uptime.

How Cloudflare works

Free and paid services

Cloudflare services are provided both for free and with different paid tiers. The free service is nice, but we recommend looking at our Servebolt Cloudflare ProCloudflare Business, or Cloudflare Enterprise tiers, depending on your needs and requirements.

Have a chat with us about Cloudflare, or just sign up and try out our blazing-fast origin hosting!

Alternative options

We recommend Servebolt CDN or alternatively, Accelerated Domains as well as both Servebolt services have been built on top of Cloudflare’s Enterprise network.