drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for the open-source Drupal CMS. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for users and developers of Drupal, with thousands of useful commands. Unleash the power of Drupal with Drush!

Manage everything in Drupal

Drush can be used to interact with modules, themes and profiles. It can perform updates, execute SQL queries and database migrations. It can also be used to setup cron and clear cache. There are more than a thousand commands available with Drush.

Add more commands and features

Many Drupal modules support Drush, thus adding even more commands. The latest version of Drush is optimized for performance and integrates well with Composer, which we also support at Servebolt.

Learn and become a professional

It’s easy to learn Drush and become a true power user, which will benefit your Drupal site with Servebolt even more. There is a lot of great documentation available for Drush as well.