Load & stress testing for high-performance websites

Don’t crash under peak traffic! Load-test your web application with Servebolt to optimize performance, control costs, and prevent downtime.

Load testing

Ready to reduce the risk of site crashes?
Load testing gives you the confidence your site can handle it.

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  • Load testing by Servebolt Experts

    Get insights into the ultimate limits of your current setup and configuration. Small problems quickly grow big under high load, and solutions that are designed for few users usually behave differently at large scale.

  • Move Fast, Don’t Crash

    Downtime means lost revenue. As soon as users see an unstable or unresponsive website, they’ll jump to the next available option. And if your website malfunctions during peak hours, it can seriously damage the reputation of your business. Be completely sure you can handle the traffic by letting Servebolt do a load test before peak traffic days on sale events like Black Friday.

  • Extensive Action Plan & Report

    We deliver a report with an overview of tasks that need to be conducted to address all uncovered problems.

  • Customized Pricing

    Prices depend on the scale of the test, the number of runs, and the complexity of the solution that’s being tested. We will provide a specific quote after you complete the form.

Servebolt managed hosting is a fusion of powerful infrastructure and a highly optimized stack that allows your site to be 2 – 8 times faster just by moving your site to the Servebolt Cloud. Our unique performance-first approach enables your site to scale and be fast whenever needed.

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Add tools to boost your performance

Need even more performance? Supercharge your site with add-ons that will take your business to the next level.

Servebolt CDN

Free 100 GB CDN bandwidth (Extra bandwidth – €5 per 100 GB/mo)

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Get a 98% improvement in website performance with our Enterprise-grade CDN for FREE. How’s that possible? That’s the magic of Servebolt’s CDN Edge Caching. It delivers your webpages to your visitors faster, reduces server requests, and dramatically improves your TTFB.

Accelerated Domains

From €249/mo

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Accomplish extraordinary performance, security, and scalability milestones. Accelerated Domains is an easy set-and-forget fully managed service that will allow your sites to unlock their performance potential fully in the most sustainable way.



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Servebolt is a certified Cloudflare Enterprise Partner and reseller of Cloudflare services. We are also a Cloudflare Optimized Partner. Learn how to benefit from Cloudflare to make your/client’s websites faster and more secure.