Servebolt Optimizer v3.0.1

Fixed issue with post exception in cache headers

The feature to exclude posts from cache was broken due to wrong order in conditions in the cache header logic. This is now fixed.

Removed priority-attribute from plugin static asset actions

Due to cases of incompatibility between themes and other plugins we removed the priority-attribute from the actions that enqueued the plugins static assets. This means that the priority-attribute falls back to the default value of 10 which should be less likely to cause issue.

Resolved issue with single file composer packages not being included in autoloader

Certain packages were not included in the Composer autoloader due to an issue in Mozart (which was needed to resolve conflicts between composer packages used in WordPress plugins). The packages originated as dependencies of the Servebolt PHP SDK, and was solved by specifically including them in the plugins composer-file. The affected packages contained polyfills for the PHP functions “http_build_query” and “getallheaders” which means that this was only an issue in environment where these functions were not available in PHP.No labels

Accelerated Domains search spam update

Accelerated Domains has been updated to better handle search spam. This type of spam is growing and growing in the amount of requests we see. Accelerated Domains has already blocked over 100 000 search requests identified as spam.

We do this by blocking some search string queries usually identifying search spam.

If you identify any issues, please get in touch with our support.

Discontinuation of Starter Plans

As of today, we’ve discontinued the Starter and Starter Pro plans as part of our offering. If you currently have a Starter or Starter Pro subscription you can continue to use those.

The Starter plan and the Starter Pro plan are now part of our archived legacy plans. This means the Starter and Starter Pro plan are no longer available to select when downgrading or creating a Bolt.

If you’d like to change the number of sites or add storage of either Starter plan, you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro plan. You can do this from your Control Panel or reach out to our Support Team.

Introducing Node and NPM support

Today is a day of a big change in Servebolt, as we’re happy to announce the public beta release of Node and NPM support in the Servebolt Cloud. This change is one of the largest additions to our stack since we launched our Servebolt Cloud.

The goal of this release is to enable developers using the Servebolt Cloud as the infrastructure to run their build processes and similar. This means that in our release today, we do not include the possibility to run Node.js front-end applications and websites.

Beta terms

Support for Node.js and NPM is currently in public beta. This means that our SLA does not cover issues caused by Node.js and NPM, and you’re using it at your own risk.

We would, however, love to hear how you are using it, and get feedback on possible improvements for the future and public release.

Git upgraded to 2.22

Our Git feature that allows for near instant deployment of your updated code in your defined branch has seen an upgrade today. We’ve upgraded Git on all our Bolts to Git 2.22. If you’re making use of our deployment Git integration in the Servebolt Control Panel, you don’t need to change anything. Everything will work as expected.

If you’re running a Git clone yourself somewhere in the public folder, you’ll have some extra features available to you now. We’re highlighting a few:

  • Git branch got the very helpful –show-current to learn which branch you have currently checked out. This should facilitate orientation within repos, while git difftool can now run outside of repositories.
  • Users can create a branch from the merge base of two other branches, since the branch and checkout -b commands are now able to understand the triple-dot merge base syntax (e.g. git branch new A…B).  
  • git stash is now a pure C implementation, which should improve performance amongst other things.

Cloudflare APO support in Servebolt Optimizer

We have some big news for you! We have implemented Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) in the Servebolt Optimizer plugin for WordPress. With Cloudflare APO, you get multiple performance enhancements on your site, with just one click. One of those enhancements is HTML caching at Cloudflare’s edge, which can greatly enhance the load time globally.

Our Head of Product has written about what APO is and what it’s good for on our website.

Together with our Cloudflare Image Resize support, and smart automatic cache purge of Cloudflare’s edge cache, Servebolt Optimizer becomes even better for everyone using Cloudflare.

Cloudflare Image Resize support in Servebolt Optimizer for WordPress

We love the Image Resize feature available in Cloudflare Business. Now we have made it easier to make use of this feature with Servebolt Optimizer for WordPress.

The feature is currently released as a beta feature in the plugin, but will be available to everyone after the beta period.

Read more about how to set up and use Cloudflare Image Resizing in the feature description

Read more about the v2.1 update of Servebolt Optimizer on Github

Passwords are shown one time only in the control panel

Passwords to SSH/SFTP and database are automatically created when creating a Bolt, and a new site on an existing Bolt. These are now shown in the control panel after you create a new Bolt or site, and will only be displayed once. We do not store the passwords in the control panel for security purposes, and therefore the passwords can only be displayed once after they are set.

Be sure to copy the passwords after creating a Bolt or a site, and store your passwords somewhere safe.

The control panel is now available in Dutch

Making the control panel accessible to everyone is an important goal for us. Now we have made one more contribution to that goal, making the Control Panel available in Dutch.

Click the “Edit” button in the My Account widget on your Control Panel dashboards to change the language of the Control panel.

We have also launched a version of our public website in Dutch at

Admin Panel v26.10

We have noticed that many users forget to turn off development mode when it’s not needed anymore. Now the development mode is automatically turned off after 3 hours on production sites.

Ability to turn off cache on production sites removed

We have removed the ability to turn caching completely off for production sites. Development mode is now the only way to completely bypass cache. Safer and more scalable for everyone.