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Supercharge your startup with amazingly fast hosting.

Servebolt Early Stage Startup program

Apply for 50% off  for all Servebolt plans, starting from our Pro plan, for one year.

Approved applicants receive

  • 50% off for one year
  • Free performance review
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Supercharged hosting provides an easier lift-off for your startup

Servebolt delivers the best web application and website infrastructure, with extreme performance and high scalability. The result for your startup is better search result ranking, higher conversions, less downtime and happier customers.

High performance

Our hosting ensures the best possible page speed, which keeps your customers and/or happy. Happy customers pay more, and more often.

High Scalability

A startup can take off any day, and you never know when your startup gets noticed by media or goes viral. Our hosting is prepared for your takeoff.

Fully Managed

Your startup probably doesn’t have server maintenance as your primary focus. Our hosting is fully managed so that you can focus on your web application or website only.

High security

Afraid that information will fall into the wrong hands? Don’t worry! We got you covered. Our operations team ensures that the servers are always up to date, locked down, and have the latest security patches.

Support by true experts

The Servebolt support team includes platform experts, performance experts, developers and operations experts. Our experts are people you can chat directly with.

Easy to use control panel

Our control panel is one of the easiest control panels to use out there. Give access to your developers easily, and make new development and staging sites with a few clicks.

SSH for the tech-savvy

All tech savvy users want SSH, and that’s why all our bolts come with SSH access. Manage your web application, eCommerce store, or website via command line tools easily, and securely.

GDPR compliant

Servebolt is GDPR compliant, and no data leaves the EU/EEA unless you pick a cloud location outside the EU/EEA. All our backups are stored in a secret and secure location within the EU/EEA.

Global reach for your startup

Deploy your website in any of our 5 data centers world wide. If you’re website has a global audience, we’ll ensure you get high speed local performance by including Cloudflare CDN on top of our hosting.

Servebolt Cloud Region Locations


  • Maximum annual revenue €500 000
  • Established less than 3 years ago
  • Minimum privately held stock 40%
  • New to Servebolt

If you are within the requirements your chances are high to be accepted into the program. If you are not within the requirements, apply anyway! We do reserve the right to decline without disclosure as to the reason why.

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