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Supercharge your startup with amazingly fast hosting. Apply for 50% off for all Servebolt plans, starting from our Pro plan, for one year.

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Scale your startup on Servebolt cloud

Our startup program shines a spotlight on early-stage startups with outstanding potential. Whether you are just getting started or scaling your startup, we are here to help support your growing business.

We support your growth 50% off  for all Servebolt plans, starting from our Pro plan, for one year and technical support to accelerate your journey onto our secured, reliable, and performant NextGen stack so that you can:

  • Build an MVP in your early stages of development
  • Accelerate and sell more products while you scale your business

Join our growing community of startups and scaleups from across the globe that have already benefited from our program.

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The startup journey

If you are within the requirements, your chances are high to be accepted into the program. If you are not within the requirements, apply anyway! We do reserve the right to decline without disclosure as to the reason why.


Maximum annual revenue €500 000


Established less than 3 years ago


Minimum privately held stock 40%


New to Servebolt

Powerful lift-off for your startup

Why do startups choose Servebolt? We deliver the best web application and website infrastructure with extreme performance and high scalability. The result for your startup is improved search result ranking, higher conversions, less downtime, and happier customers.

  • Award-winning Extreme Performance

    Our hosting ensures the best possible page speed, which keeps your customers and/or you happy. Happy customers pay more and more often. We strategically built our hosting cloud from the ground up while focusing on raw performance that is not dependent on a single element but rather on a number of optimizations spread across our hosting environment.

  • High Scalability

    A startup can take off any day, and you never know when your startup will get noticed by the media or go viral. Our hosting is prepared for your takeoff. All our Bolts are pre-configured and optimized to deliver faster web pages to any number of visitors landing on your website. This unique approach of tuning every component properly inside our hosting stack enhances the performance and reliability of your website. 

  • Fully Managed Solution

    Your startup probably doesn’t have server maintenance as your primary focus. That’s what we are good at and the reason why we only provide managed hosting. Our hosting is fully managed so that you can focus on your web application or website only.

  • Enterprise-Class Security

    Run your websites with complete peace of mind that they are protected. All of our systems are continually monitored, upgraded, and patched with the latest security updates. Our dedicated security team scans the risk and compliance landscape to ensure our platform is never compromised. 

  • Support by True Experts

    From onboarding to going live and beyond, we’re here for you every step of the way. The Servebolt support team includes platform experts, performance experts, developers, and operations experts. Our experts are people you can chat directly with.

  • Powerful Control Panel

    Our control panel is one of the easiest control panels to use out there. Give access to your developers easily, and make new development and staging sites with a few clicks.

  • Free Migrations

    Our migration team works around the clock. Choose a convenient time for you and minimize downtime. Save valuable time by entrusting the task to our experts. Rest assured that our in-house specialists will handle your migration personally and with the utmost attention to detail, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. We guarantee that all the unique aspects of your site will be protected and preserved.

  • GDPR Compliant

    Servebolt is GDPR compliant, and no data leaves the EU/EEA unless you pick a cloud location outside the EU/EEA. All our backups are stored in a secret and secure location within the EU/EEA.

Join the Startup program! We’re paying it forward by building partnerships and helping your startups to succeed. Become part of our global community of accelerators and seed-stage investors today.

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