Servebolt Optimizer for WordPress

Our Servebolt Optimizer for WordPress feature also includes

The Servebolt Optimizer plugin for WordPress adds functionality to implement Servebolt’s best practices for WordPress. This includes database optimizations, log review, automatic cache purge and more.


  • Database optimization – Convert tables to InnoDB
  • Database optimization – Add performance improving indexes
  • Automatic Cloudflare cache purge
  • Cloudflare Image Resize-support (beta feature)
  • Recommendations on additional performance improvements
  • Rewrite headers to allow downstream full page caching (Servebolt clients only)
  • View Apache/PHP error log (Servebolt clients only)
  • Multisite support
  • WP CLI support

Automatic Purge of Cloudflare Cache

When caching your site using Cloudflare then this plugin can help you to invalidate cache whenever content is updated. Cache purge can also be done manually, but the automatic invalidation should have you covered whenever you update your content. The only thing you need is adding your API Key/Token in the settings.

Full Page Caching

This plugin rewrites HTTP headers of HTML to allow for Full Page Caching, and for the browser to cache HTML. Full Page Caching may introduce all sorts of problems for end users, so installation and testing should be performed by a professional.

Automatic Images Resizing with Cloudflare

This plugin can also facilitate for automatic image resizing using Cloudflare. This can help you free up space and keep the cost down. Note that this feature is only available for customers with Cloudflare Business and upwards.

Filters and Constants

The plugins behaviour can be tweaked using filters and PHP constants. More information about this in the article about Filters and PHP constants in Servebolt Optimizer for WordPress.

Download Servebolt Optimizer

You can download our Servebolt Optimizer plugin from the WordPress plugin repository or install it directly by searching for it in the plugin menu inside your WordPress installation.

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