Enterprise WordPress Hosting Solutions

For the most demanding, mission-critical websites, where reduced operational risk meets high performance and high availability. Secured, maintained, and managed by the Servebolt Enterprise team.

For small and growing enterprises



  • ✓ Custom Storage
  • ✓ Custom Dynamic Requests
  • ✓ ∞ Memory/RAM
  • ✓ ∞ Domains
  • ✓ ∞ PHP Workers
  • ✓ ∞ Visitors
  • ✓ Custom Bandwidth
  • ✓ Cloudflare Business or Enterprise
  • ✓ Custom Security
  • ✓ Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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Infrastructure as a service

The Servebolt NextGen platform provides WordPress hosting infrastructure in the Servebolt Cloud as a service. We carefully built our hosting cloud from the ground up while focusing on raw performance that is not dependent on a single element in our hosting stack. Rather, it’s the sum of a number of optimizations spread across our entire hosting environment. Not only does this ensure the consistent performance you get out of the box, but it also makes your WordPress site reliable and sustainable.

Multi-layered security

Being a Cloudflare Optimized Partner, Servebolt and Cloudflare peer and optimize network routing to achieve the lowest possible latency and highest possible throughput for all network traffic. Together, we deliver world-class web performance and leading online security solutions to our shared portfolio of clients.

Performance optimization

Get access to our team of full-stack WordPress and WooCommerce performance optimization specialists. We can assist your team in sorting out any performance bottlenecks from the WordPress database and application level all the way to the front-end waterfall with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Platform maintenance

The platform continuously delivers security patches, upgrades, and performance optimizations. Year-of-year Servebolt engineers increase the speed, security, and stability of the platform without any need for maintenance from your organization.

Faster OS and application layers

The WordPress core and plugins spin faster, supercharged by the Servebolt-optimized PHP and highly efficient hosting stack.

Server-based caching

WordPress caching has never been faster and easier. The Servebolt Optimizer plugin enables easy, simple Nginx cache configuration on the command line, scripted, or using the plugin interface.

24/7/365 monitoring

Platform services are monitored year-round. In the rare case of disruptions, our operations team is notified within 2 minutes, and our average response time for hands-on work on mitigation is less than 10 minutes.

Green energy cloud hosting

We take pride in promoting and consuming sustainable energy to power our hosting infrastructure. While hosting your WordPress site with Servebolt you don’t only get to enjoy high-performance and scalability but your site also consumes less energy.

Enterprise-grade security like Fort Nox

Lockdown of services and endpoints

Restricting access is an important part of enterprise security. We can lock down the wp-admin and other sensitive services to your whitelisted IP ranges or open endpoints only for selected groups of users. Authentication is integrated using Azure Active Directory, Google, or other identity providers.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

WordPress is much safer when it runs behind a web application firewall. The WAF includes custom WordPress rulesets, crowdsources rulesets, along with standard OWASP. In addition, custom rules can be added to lock out unwanted traffic, even with the granularity of regular expressions.

Strong SSL encryption

The Servebolt Enterprise WordPress offering includes the option to use your organization’s own custom SSL certificates in addition to providing certificates with strong, modern cryptography.

DDOS Mitigation

Backed by a 100% or more SLA you get a team of DDoS experts that will keep you online 24/7/365, no matter the size, type, or duration of the attack.

Rate Limiting

WordPress API endpoints often need protection against integrations that run wild, or scripts or browsers that get stuck in endless loops. Rate limiting is an effective way of securing these endpoints, so they stay available for other users.

PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance

Bring your business into compliance with the latest PCI DSS 3.2 standards with our enterprise offering, and by switching to modern cryptography only.

Worldwide data centers, exceptional performance

Data centers around the world back Servebolt’s platform. We make data compliance easier without compromising speed. From origin to edge, we deliver high-performance experiences for our customers.

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Meeting Enterprise support and SLA requirements

Servebolt delivers the support level to meet your managed risk levels and business goals. That means that we provide SLA options that match the support level requirements of your organization.


Servebolt SLA

All Servebolt Enterprise offerings include 100% network and power uptime and a 99.9% service uptime guarantee. Chat and email support are included, and the SLA can be extended with custom maintenance windows and faster customer service response times.


Servebolt + Cloudflare SLA

Servebolt and Cloudflare provide a joint 100% uptime guarantee SLA that enables your service always to be online. This includes chat and email support with a median response time of 25 minutes. Always Online™ crawls your site daily to deliver static portions of your site, even if the origin is down or under maintenance.


Servebolt Support SLA

The 2500% uptime guarantee SLA includes phone, chat, and email support with a 15-minute median response time, in addition to access to the 24/7/365 emergency phone support hotline. Always Online™ crawls your site daily to deliver static portions of your site, even if the origin is down or under maintenance.

Servebolt is an extension to your team

There is no reason to spend your web developers’ time focusing on server management. That’s what we are good at and the reason why we only provide managed hosting. Our Support Team comprises experienced DevOps engineers who specialize in WordPress. You and your team can focus on developing the best site or store possible and making money.

  • A team that gets to know you

    Our live chat support team and site migration experts extend your team’s capabilities and allow you to focus on your business. We’ll handle even the hardest migrations for free.

  • Work with a WordPress enterprise hosting leader

    Servebolt has dominated the largest independent online WordPress hosting benchmark for four years in a row. Servebolt stood out on the WPPerformance ester results, which delivered the highest scores seen on the Enterprise benchmark. 

  • Premium enterprise migrations

    Data, settings, and software integrations remain intact with minimal downtime. Our enterprise WordPress performance experts can provide you with qualified insights into how your WordPress hosting can make your site faster and overcome security concerns and integration challenges during your migration.

  • Cloudflare™️ Enterprise specialists

    Being a Cloudflare Optimized Partner, Servebolt and Cloudflare peer and optimize network routing to achieve the lowest possible latency and highest possible throughput for all network traffic. Together, we deliver world-class web performance and leading online security solutions to our shared portfolio of clients.

Only the best is good enough in our Enterprise toolbox

When it comes to speed, reliability, and uptime, Servebolt Enterprise delivers award-winning high-availability WordPress hosting that meets the most demanding, mission-critical business websites.

  • Classic Hardware Scaling

    Like almost any WordPress hosting out there, Servebolt can scale both horizontally and vertically by adding more web servers and database servers, with load balancing in front.

    Our optimized hosting stack provides next-level utilization of the high-performance hardware we run in the Servebolt Cloud. Resulting in easy and painless scaling, both day-to-day and long-term.

  • Multi Origin Hosting

    If you have a site with a global audience, the Servebolt Cloud features a multi-origin setup. It goes hand-in-hand with Cloudflare’s Geo Load Balancing service.

    Every visitor request is routed to the closest Servebolt origin if the content is not already cached on Cloudflare’s edge. This setup provides extremely low load times globally and an effective distribution of the load at the same time.

    Distribution of new content from your WordPress is done with an atomic switch, ensuring continuous operations. As an example, this is a setup that servebolt.com runs.

  • MariaDB Galera WordPress Clusters

    WordPress sites needing highly scalable databases can benefit from our unique Multi-master Galera database cluster, connected with Infiniband™ networking, ensuring extremely low latency and up to 100 Gbps transfer speeds.

    Servebolt MariaDB Galera with Infiniband is able to scale the load and performance of WordPress databases to new levels never seen before in WordPress hosting.

  • Geo-routed Load Balancing

    Together with Cloudflare, the Servebolt Cloud provides a geo-routing feature that fires on the edge and can also be used to load balance WordPress sites with a global audience. Every visitor is routed to the closest Servebolt Cloud location automatically.

  • Load Balancing From the Network Edge

    A frequent mistake that is made when scaling the hosting of WordPress is to introduce single points of failure in the hosting stack. Load Balancers are often set up without setup, without standby failover on the load balancing service, and without required monitoring to ensure high availability.

    That’s why we prefer using the multi-redundant Cloudflare Load Balancer running on the network edge, which delivers all required features and consistent performance.

  • CDN Edge HTML Caching

    Full-page caching of HTML is highly effective in increasing the global performance and scalability of high-traffic websites. It can, however, also be inherently tricky to get it right and manageable in day-to-day operations.

    In the spirit of keeping things simple, we recommend and seek to implement cache configurations that are maintenance-free, meaning that cache flushing, purging, and cache management are history.

Build your own plan

Servebolt ensures transparent and predictable pricing.

The sliders will automatically optimize for the most affordable plan that fits your needs.

10 GB / 300 GB
0.5 Million / 50 Million
256 MB / 1024 MB
5 / 50
For small and growing enterprises


  • ✓ Custom Storage
  • ✓ Custom Dynamic Requests
  • ✓ ∞ Memory/RAM
  • ✓ ∞ Domains
  • ✓ ∞ PHP Workers
  • ✓ ∞ Visitors
  • ✓ Custom Bandwidth
  • ✓ Cloudflare Business or Enterprise
  • ✓ Custom Security
  • ✓ Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Perfect for Businesses


  • ✓ Standard Cloudflare Business
  • ✓ Argo routing and tiered caching – 500 GB included
  • ✓ Unlimited Workers
  • ✓ Servebolt Onboarding
  • ✓ Servebolt WAF and Firewall Management
  • ✓ Servebolt support
Tailored to Professionals


  • ✓ Standard Cloudflare Pro
  • ✓ Servebolt Onboarding
  • ✓ Servebolt WAF and Firewall Management
  • ✓ Cloudflare Support
Ideal Solution for Starters


  • ✓ Cloudflare Free Options
  • ✓ Servebolt Onboarding
  • ✓ Cloudflare Support
Fuel your success

From €699/mo

  • ✓ 100 GB Storage
  • ✓ 3 000 000 Dynamic Requests
  • ✓ 768 MB PHP memory limit
  • ✓ 50 Production Environments
  • ✓ ∞ PHP workers
  • ✓ ∞ RAM
  • ✓ Unmetered Data transfer
Power your business growth

From €349/mo

  • ✓ 40 GB Storage
  • ✓ 1 000 000 Dynamic Requests
  • ✓ 512 MB PHP memory limit
  • ✓ 25 Production Environments
  • ✓ ∞ PHP workers
  • ✓ ∞ RAM
  • ✓ Unmetered Data transfer
Grow online effortlessly

From €99/mo

  • ✓ 10 GB Storage
  • ✓ 500 000 Dynamic Requests
  • ✓ 256 MB PHP memory limit
  • ✓ 5 Production Environments
  • ✓ ∞ PHP workers
  • ✓ ∞ RAM
  • ✓ Unmetered Data transfer

Add add-ons

Need even more performance? Supercharge your site with add-ons that will take your business to the next level.

Accelerated Domains

From €249/mo

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Accomplish extraordinary performance, security, and scalability milestones. Accelerated Domains is an easy set-and-forget fully managed service that will allow your sites to unlock their performance potential fully in the most sustainable way.


From € 99/mo per website

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Servebolt provides managed Elasticsearch instances that run on the local infrastructure. Elasticsearch instances are fully managed by Servebolt. This means they are continuously maintained with updates, security patches, and upgrades. Reach out to our Support Team if you need to have Elasticsearch implemented for your site. 


From € 99/mo per website

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Redis is an in-memory key-value store that can be used as a performance enhancer to speed up web applications. For those running Е-commerce sites, membership sites, forums, discussion boards, blogs with active comment sections, or any other dynamic websites, Redis is an essential tool to decrease the response time of the site and increase the site’s ability to scale and handle additional traffic. Redis is available as a paid add-on on Servebolt, on the Business plan, and above.


See more in our Help Center

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  • What is Enterprise hosting?

  • Do you have a service manager?

    Yes. To run continuous background services, we provide a supervisor-based service as an addon to our enterprise offerings

  • What security/compliance certifications does Servebolt have?

    Servebolt is committed to implementing information security according to the ISO 27001 standard, and we are embracing the EU’s privacy directives set out through GDPR. Security and privacy are key for any individual and Servebolt as a company.

  • Do you offer hosting for a single high-resource site?

    Absolutely. Our pricing wizard allows for finding the right solutions for those who need hosting for a single WordPress installation that requires more resources than the average site. Whenever you can’t find a standard plan that fits your needs, reach out to the Account Management team here at Servebolt to have a custom plan created to fit your needs.

  • Can I try Servebolt’s Managed WordPress hosting for free?

    Absolutely! We allow for free trials so you can see for yourself how fast your website could be in our environment. We’ll even assist you in migrating your site to your trial Bolt! Just reach out to our Support Team.