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  • What happens if I exceed the number of Dynamic Requests included in my plan?

    At Servebolt we have a soft approach to request limits. We will not take down your site because you exceed the included Dynamic Requests. If you exceed the number of Dynamic Requests included in your plan, we will get in touch and find a solution that fits your case.

    We can set you up with an add-on that includes more Dynamic Requests for a set price per month. Another solution could be to improve your cache hit ratio with one of our CDN solutions.

  • Do you have a Service Manager?

    Yes. To run continuous background services, we provide a supervisord based service as an addon to our enterprise offerings.

  • Can I get a free page speed test?

    Say hello on our chat, and we will give you our opinion on the page speed and performance of your website!

  • Do I need a CDN?

    You need a content delivery network if your visitors have a large geographical distribution, and their average distance to the origin server is high (more than 100ms on a fiber network). We recommend using Servebolt CDN or Accelerated Domains as a CDN.

  • Does Servebolt have a CDN?

    Yes, we do and we provide several options for CDNs. Servebolt CDN is a powerful enterprise-grade CDN that comes with a Web Application Firewall built in. For more information, please read our announcement post.

    Alternatively, Accelerated Domains offers an enterprise-grade CDN included in the product alongside performance-enhancing features.

    We also offer various options for the use of Cloudflare. Lastly, you can add any other CDN of your liking as well – but then it will be unmanaged from our side.