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Servebolt & Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the three core values of our Vision & Mission. We believe it should cover every aspect of life here at Servebolt. We focus on delivering the fastest hosting, all while keeping sustainability – and green hosting – top of mind in every single decision we make.

Sustainable Tech

Every single data center we’re using is powered by green, and renewable energy. Additionally, we offset our carbon footprint by planting trees through our partner Trefadder.

Sustainable Life

Sustainability goes beyond our digital footprint. Every single aspects of running Servebolt as a company is done with sustainability in mind. For instance by compensating our traveling.

Sustainable Tech

Our sustainable infrastructure is comprised of the following components:

  • Green Energy
  • Efficient Processing of Code
  • Offsetting the rest
  • Sustainable business

Green Energy

Green Hosting stack has to be powered by green energy, use modern resource efficient hardware, and run a software stack that minimizes the resource consumption per web request.

Efficient Processing of Code

At Servebolt select hardware that has a solid performance and power balance.  Our software stack delivers 50-100% more speed and efficiency than others achieve on equivalent hardware.

Offsetting the rest

Servebolt allows you to offset your website’s carbon footprint even further by planting trees to compensate your site’s carbon footprint.

Sustainable business

We are building a sustainable and fast internet infrastructure so your business can be online in the most sustainable way.

Sustainable Life

Sustainable Growth

We are committed to growing Servebolt in a sustainable way. This extend far beyond the realm of what hardware are we using, which green power source, and how renewable is that power source. Equally, it extends beyond how efficient our software processes any server request in the least energy consuming fashion.

Growing Servebolt sustainably means we’re striving to have our company be as inclusive, diverse and accessible as possible. We believe that growing Servebolt as a business is inseparably linked to a Servebolt being a reflection of society.