Argo Smart Routing

Argo Smart Routing optimizes the network path between Cloudflare and the Servebolt origin web server. Because all sorts of congestions and disruptions occur on the internet all the time, Argo intelligently routes traffic using the fastest possible path from A to B.

For Servebolt clients, Argo Smart Routing is included in all Cloudflare Business plans by default. This means, you do not have to pay additional costs for the improved performance, and it is enabled with a single click. performance with Argo Routing

At Servebolt, we have been using Argo for our own website a long time, and the results are amazing. Looking at our own website stats for the past 24 hours, 70% of our traffic gets a 43% latency improvement. This means, that loading times for end users are considerably better, than without.

Argo Smart Routing statistics for past 24 hours on

Faster delivery of dynamic content

Because there is a large amount of internet traffic that cannot be cached, argo routing helps considerably to reduce the network latency. It uses several different techniques.

Congestions and network failures are avoided by routing traffic based on realtime network conditions. That means an outage will not block your requests, but rather find the fastest possible route around it.

With tiered caching, resources that exist in a nearby data center can be delivered to end users, instead of routing the traffic all the way back to the origin web servers.

Argo also uses persistent TCP connections, which means that traffic does not have to open and close network connections, avoiding connection negotiation also saves time.