Unlimited PHP Workers

Websites hosted on a Bolt in the Servebolt Cloud come with unlimited PHP Workers. This means that your website can scale freely, without running into a limited amount of PHP workers. Other hosting companies often use the number of PHP workers as a differentiator in their pricing model. Even on our entry-level plans, the number of PHP workers your website may use is unlimited.

The symptoms of having issues with PHP workers on other platforms is that the your website’s response time increases. At some point you may start getting HTTP error responses like 500, 501, 502, 504. This happens when traffic increases, or you visit pages that trigger multiple requests that need PHP simultaneously. Some hosting providers provide you with graphs or logs that show that you are exceeding the number of provisioned PHP Workers. Hitting the PHP Workers limits is an issue constructed by your hosting company.

When your website hits PHP Workers limits requests start queueing up. That means that they are waiting for other PHP requests to be processed, before it can complete the queued requests. This unfortunately holds back the performance and gives a poor user experience for the person that waits for the webpage they want to see.

With your site hosted on Servebolt, this is never an issue.