Access Management

We have an advanced system for contact roles and access management at Servebolt. Our customers can easily setup access with different roles for their websites (and Bolts) through our admin panel.

The access management can be found on your Bolts sidebar under the tab “Access”.

Easy management of contacts

Contacts can be our partners, who have full management access, as well as technical contacts and developers. Technical contacts also have management access, while developers only have access to web- and database-related settings for sites.

Roles with different permissions

Developers, technical contacts and partners can’t change hosting plans, but only request such a change (which generates an email to the account owner, with a link for easy approval).

The account owner (Servebolt customer) has unlimited access to all features and functions with us.

Extended logs for security

All actions (changes to services) are automatically logged and stored for future reference. This makes it easy to see who made certain changes if necessary.