Servebolt Backups

We perform daily and nightly disaster recovery backups of all files and databases for all customers. We encourage clients to back up their files and databases before making updates or installing new plugins.

Our Bolt Plans include a minimum of five production environments and an unlimited amount of development, testing, and staging environments. Backups are made every day and every four hours and are kept for 30 days.

How do I request a backup?

To request a backup or restore, you can contact Servebolt support through the live chat at Backups are stored in two off-site locations within the EU/EEA.

We also provide tools for our clients to make their own backups. Find additional information on creating your own backup here.

Storage Exclusion for Backups

Servebolt ensures that the disaster recovery backups, performed daily and nightly, do not contribute to the allocated storage space on your Bolt plan. Servebolt provides free-of-charge storage for these backups in a dedicated space. This means that the GB available on your Bolt plan remains unaffected by the backups we make.

GDPR Compliant Storage

We store one backup per day for the last 14 days and two weekly snapshots after that. You can request restoration of backups dating back up to 30 days. This is to comply with GDPR and not store customer data without a reason.

Why 30 Days?

We limit how old backups it restores to help customers be GDPR compliant. However, we do keep some backups longer to be able to investigate hacking of applications or sites. Only the Servebolt security team has access to backups stored longer than 30 days.

Additional Information

  • Servebolt backups are non-intrusive, so they don’t have any impact on customer website performance.
  • Backups can be easily restored, either completely or in part, through our live chat. There is no cost for restoring a backup.
  • Servebolt does not perform backups of free test Bolts.