Elasticsearch is an open-source product that enables you to take data from any source, any format, and search and visualize it in real time. Elasticsearch performs quick and advanced searches on products in the product catalog. Elasticsearch Analyzers support multiple languages, stop words, and synonyms.

Servebolt provides managed Elasticsearch instances that run on the local infrastructure. Local access from your web application ensures maximum search performance and stable reachability.

Elasticsearch is the heart of the Elastic stack. It provides the core search engine which is based on the Lucence library.

Servebolt solely provides managed hosting services. This is also the case for the Elasticsearch instances, which are continuously maintained with updates, security-patches and upgrades.

Elasticsearch and Magento 2.4+

Elasticsearch is currently available under our beta program terms, and is bundled with our Magento 2.4+ offerings as a default. Contact support to get your instance deployed on your Bolt.

Learn more about how to configure Elasticsearch for Magento 2 on the Command Line (CLI).