Meet Servebolt

Servebolt was founded in Norway under the name of Raske Sider (meaning Fast Pages) in 2014 by Erlend Eide and Hans Kristian Rosbach. The company’s success was immediate and has therefore been growing ever since, continuously adding new skilled and engaged web and growth enthusiasts to the team.

Executive Management team

Erlend Eide
Co-founder & Executive Chairman

Erlend founded Servebolt in 2014 (back then named Raske Sider – meaning “Fast Pages”) and is currently growing Servebolt internationally from the offices in Hilversum, Netherlands. The passion for performance has been growing ever since the web started to get slower. Servebolt is part of the remedy.

Erlend is a serial entrepreneur, loves start-ups, and has founded a series of companies in the last 20 years. The Internet has always been his domain.

Thomas Audunhus
COO & Acting CEO

Thomas is the Acting CEO at Servebolt. He has been with Servebolt for a long time, ever since we were a Norwegian company focusing on Norway. Thomas has built some of the fastest WordPress and WooCommerce pages in Norway and, therefore, knows exactly how to get WordPress and WooCommerce as fast as possible.

In addition to working with us, Thomas is central in the Norwegian WordPress and WooCommerce environment. He is one of the organizers of the Oslo WordPress Meetup and the lead organizer of WordCamp Oslo 2018.

Tom Erik Sundal-Ask
Head of Tech

Tom’s background is a unique blend of technical expertise and human connection. He has over 10 years of experience at Telia Company, where he led Digital Channels in Norway.

He empowers his teams to take ownership and drive results, believing that change presents opportunities. Tom combines strategic vision with pragmatic execution, tackling challenges in areas such as telco standardization, management, sales, and competitive intelligence. He’s versatile and a firm believer in being a good human being.



Our Sales Team is ready to help you find the best solution for your site on Servebolt. If you have a large site that needs a better and faster home or if you have an agency and are looking for a faster and more scalable managed hosting solution for your clients, we can help.

Reach out to Sales via [email protected]


We pride ourselves on having a very knowledgeable and friendly Support Team. Our focus is to help out with your technical questions and issues, as well as assisting you in getting the most out of our platform. Check out our Help Center if you have any questions, or contact us directly. Our Support Team is available for all your support requests. 

Reach out to support via [email protected]


Our cloud engineers are the glue that keeps all Servebolt IT departments together — creating integrated, user-friendly systems quickly and enabling us to deliver projects more efficiently.

Product & Marketing

The Servebolt Product team works to grow, scale, and improve Servebolt by creating, developing, and maintaining our suite of products and services.

The Marketing team works in the interchange between business, strategy, technical development, user experience, and design – and is a key part of Servebolt.

We’re building a sustainable and fast internet by building a global, faster, and more efficient website hosting infrastructure accessible to everyone.

Servebolt is diverse and inclusive

At Servebolt, we know diverse teams build better products. Our company values diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our work. However, we recognize that simply celebrating differences is not enough to create true equity and belonging. To achieve this, we prioritize incorporating principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into every aspect of our operations, including how we serve both our employees and customers. By doing so, we can better fulfill our mission of empowering entrepreneurs and creating more inclusive opportunities for everyone.

Servebolt is an equal opportunity company, and we do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. Our team is made up of individuals from various backgrounds who share common values and goals. Our diversity allows us to have a broader perspective on things, which helps us communicate better with each other and with our clients.


of our employees have a college degree unrelated to IT.


of our employees are women.


different languages are spoken among our employees.

Servebolt is the fastest

Our passion for performance has been growing ever since the web started to get slower. Servebolt’s offerings are part of the remedy, and we have served an international audience globally since 2017.

Servebolt’s unique approach enables your sites to serve fast web pages without adding complexities. We strategically built our hosting cloud from the ground up while focusing on raw performance that is not dependent on a single element but rather on a number of optimizations spread across our hosting environment.

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Kevin Ohashi

It’s rare I say there was an obvious winner because I’m not sure it’s happened before. However, Servebolt was the fastest in every single location tested.

Kevin Ohashi
Founder of ReviewSignal LLC (

Servebolt cares for and ♥ WordPress

Giving back to the community has always been a big part of our values at Servebolt. For the same reason, we proudly support employees that are working hard to improve WordPress. Sponsoring and speaking at WordCamps or local Meetups and organizing events, Servebolt is always there to help and support the growing WordPress community.

Jonathan Sulo, Servebolt, at WordCamp Nordic

Servebolt is a great place to work


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Interested in joining the Servebolt team? Check out our Career page for more information on open jobs.