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Agency Partner Program

  • Fast, flexible and scalable hosting
  • We take care of your clients
  • You enjoy all the benefits
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Perks for Agencies

Kickback fee

Receive a kickback fee for every client you host with us. That’s a 20% fee for every single client site you’re hosting with us. And, for as long as they’re hosting with us, the kickback fee is yours.

Offload support to us

Enjoy the comforts of being able to offload your clients’ hosting questions directly to us. No need to be in the middle and waste valuable time in debugging hosting solutions. Send them straight to us and we’ll be happy to serve them.

You decide our future

As a trusted member of our Agency Partner Program, you help decide which features we should build next. We love getting your input on our next feature!

Access 2nd line of support directly

Want to get technical straight away? We get it. Sometimes you just want to connect to our 2nd line of support and you can with us!

Early Access

Our Agency Partner Program gives you early access to new Servebolt platform features like Accelerated Domains.

Offload invoicing

Maybe you enjoy extra financial work, maybe you don’t. We offer a solution where offloading client invoicing for their hosting can be done directly to us.

Headache-free hosting

Smooth operations

  • They’re enjoying a fast, flexible and scalable hosting solution out of the box
  • They prefer to have Servebolt do the problem-solving, maintenance and support
  • Maintaining a hosting stack yourself removes focus from your core business
  • Agencies are happy to offload invoicing and administration
  • Help decide the future of Servebolt’s tools
  1. Add your sites to your Servebolt account.
  2. Need help with migrations? We’re more than happy to help
  3. We take care of hosting the sites on our lightning fast hosting ⚡️
  4. You start enjoying the Servebolt Partner perks
  5. You get paid your 20% commission of all hosting your clients are charged for

Do you prefer to do the invoicing yourself? No problem. We can work perfectly as white label hosting, so to speak.

team work

Tailored to your team’s workflow

Stability, standards and continuity

Partners can make an unlimited number of development and staging environments, so that these environments fit your team needs and workflows.

While we maintain operations, your team can focus solely on development and deployment. Deployment can be set up to automatically pull the most recent changes to the environments you have configured.

All necessary developer tools are available. SFTP, SSH, rsync, scp, git through the control panel with web-hooks, or custom configured git on server. Bolts integrate seamlessly with your favorite continuous integration platforms and deployment tools.

Illustration showing packages being processed and shipped

Partner dashboard

Stay in control of earnings and team access

Partner client portfolio

Keep an overview of your recurring revenue through the partner dashboard. Your client portfolio is managed in one place.

Team access

Manage team and user access on a per Bolt basis. Delegate responsibilities to tech contacts and developers on your various teams. Coming soon!

Free development and staging environments

Start up new development projects without any costs, and create an unlimited amount of dev- testing- and staging Bolts.


Connect to your Bolts with Secure File Transfer Protocol, and upload and manage your site files from there.

Git orange logo

Git integrated

Use our control panel based Git for fast & simple setup of both production, dev and staging environments. It even comes with webhooks out-of-the-box so you automatic deploy on push to Git branches of your liking.

SSH & rsync

Manage your Bolt over the command line tool SSH, or just upload your project files using scp or rsync.


Deploy from the continuous integration and deployment tools you like. On Bolts, it does not matter whether your team uses Capistrano, DeployHQ, Codeship, Jenkins or TeamCity – it just works.

Servebolt Cloud

The Performance First Cloud

Built for performance

Bolts are faster than any hosting you have ever tried before.


Protected by multiple layers of security, and backed up – just in case.


Sit back and relax while traffic grows. Bolts scale to thousands of simultaneous visitors.


Bolts adapt to the needs of your team of developers. Unlimited environments are included.

Managed hosting

What does that mean for you as an agency?

We take care of:

  • Keeping the servers secure
  • Maintaining the server so it’s always healthy
  • Optimise the server so it’s always fast
  • Taking backups in case of fire
  • 24/7 standby if something goes wrong

This means you can focus on the site you’re building – not the hosting (we take care of that!)

Illustration of server technician working on a rack
The Servebolt Performance First Cloud

The hosting stack

Built from the ground, and tuned for performance


With Servebolt you get an optimized server based caching configuration, ready to use. The stack is configured for optimal caching of static assets, and full page caching.

Internet facing webserver

We use NGINX as the user & internet facing webserver, as a reverse proxy. NGINX handles SSL-negotiation, compression and caching. Optimized for web performance and scalability, out-of-the-box.


Apache provides the most popular, and easy to use web hosting environment. As a user, you will feel at home right away and have all the documentation you need to tweak settings.

Networking and connectivity

Data transport has to be stable, fast, unlimited and with low latency. We use Infiniband and partner with the best providers on the most central intern hubs around the World.


We own, operate and maintain all hardware in the Servebolt Cloud. That allows us to build custom optimizations, that use special features that specific hardware components provide.


PHP powers close to 80% of websites in the World. Bolts support all current versions, but we encourage you to use the fastest and latest. Our builds are up to 30% faster than stock versions of PHP.


The database is what is used to store all website data, and on Servebolt we use the modern MySQL database, MariaDB. Servebolt databases deliver market leading query performance, up to 8x faster than stock MariaDB.

Operating System

Servebolt ❤️ Linux. We maintain our own Linux distribution that is tailored for security, scalability and web performance. Servebolt Linux is the basis for the exceptional performance every Bolt delivers.

More about Servebolt Linux

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Frequently asked questions

You can find the partnership sign-up form here!

Bolts are by design faster than any VPS, and do also handle higher traffic peaks. Check the Bolts vs other hosting solutions.
Bolts provide faster performance than any other cloud offering. They are also managed, meaning you do not need to maintain or monitor the operations. Check a side-by-side comparison.
Yes we are. Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for implementation details. We also provide a Data Processing Agreement (DPA).
Yes. Servebolt owns all servers and core networking infrastructure, it is not rented from any third party cloud provider.

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