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Whether you’re the founder, dev, or team member of your agency, chances are you’re passionate about design and enjoy bringing your client’s vision to life through a great website. Attract potential customers and speed up your sales process with a service that offers more than just hosting.

As an Agency, you need hosting that is:


No need to worry about receiving a late-night call from a client because their site has gone down. Our in-house experts are actively involved in every process to ensure all websites hosted in the Servebolt Cloud run without any hiccups. The Servebolt OPS team monitors our cloud’s health 24/7/365 and makes sure everything runs smoothly so that you don’t have to think about it.


The security of our clients and partners is extremely important to us. Run your websites with complete peace of mind that they are protected. Every Bolt is contained and secure, backed up, and the Servebolt Cloud is continuously maintained with security patches, updates, and upgrades.

All our Bolts are secured by AppArmor and other security measures embedded in Servebolt Linux. Furthermore, we’re working closely with our downstream and upstream partners, like Blix Solutions and Cloudflare, to monitor and block malicious traffic.


Unlike any other solution out there, our managed cloud hosting focuses entirely on those components that are significant for unmatched performance and true scalability.

We distinctly understand what is needed to scale a hosting environment truly. Every single component in our Servebolt Cloud– both hardware and software is optimized to deliver the optimum results for your websites. Starting with hardware selection, our own Servebolt Linux OS and custom PHP and MariaDB builds.

Easy to use

Our modern Dashboard provides effortless website management and complete 360° control over your hosting environment. Your client portfolio is managed in one place. Bolts adapt to the needs of your team of developers. Unlimited environments are also included.


We take pride in promoting and consuming sustainable energy to power our hosting infrastructure. While hosting your websites with Servebolt you don’t only get to enjoy high-performance and scalability but your sites also consume less energy.

Backed up by expert support

Our support team is always just a few clicks away, available via chat and email for support or advice, and ready to help with our shared expertise in server management, PHP, and web apps. While we won’t actually fix code, we do go the extra mile in helping you figure out what’s going on and point you in the right direction of where the fix should be applied.


Sit back and relax while traffic grows. Bolts scale to thousands of simultaneous visitors. The standard scalability of Bolts exceeds anything you’d ever get out of a VPS or dedicated server. We have a track record of delivering the same amazingly fast performance, both for SMBs – and for large enterprises. No matter the number of orders, customers, visitors, products, email subscribers – Bolts can handle it.

Expect more from your agency hosting

There is no reason to spend your or your web developers’ time focusing on server management. That’s what we are good at and the reason why we only provide managed hosting. You and your team can focus on developing the best site or store possible and making money.

  • Free premium support

    Enjoy the comforts of being able to offload your clients’ hosting questions directly to us—no need to be in the middle and waste valuable time in debugging hosting solutions. Send them straight to us, and we’ll gladly assist them.

  • Develop without barriers

    We don’t force you into predefined workflows, deployments, versions, or code management. Your sites, your rules. Create unlimited staging environments and define multiple workflows to support your development team. Deployment can be set up to automatically pull the most recent changes to the environments you have configured.

    All necessary developer tools are available. SFTP, SSH, rsync, scp, git through the control panel with web-hooks, or custom configured git on the server. Bolts integrate seamlessly with your favorite continuous integration platforms and deployment tools.

  • Test new features & designs easily

    Staging sites provide a safe environment to create a replica of client sites for design changes. Changes can be tested and approved by clients before deploying to the live site.

    Partners can make an unlimited number of development and staging environments so that these environments fit your team’s needs and workflows.

  • Free managed migrations

    Take the stress out of switching hosts with free migrations managed for you by experienced professionals.

  • Tailored permissions

    Manage team and user access on a per Bolt basis. Delegate responsibilities to tech contacts and developers on your various teams. Coming soon!

  • On-demand performance testing to troubleshoot and improve site speed

    Our web performance experts can provide you with qualified insights to ensure that your website or application works and performs as intended and that it is fast – and bug-free.

Infrastructure that can handle loads

Servebolt Managed Hosting is fast and scalable because of our unique approach to building our hosting infrastructure. We take a performance-first approach to building every single hardware and software layer. The result is faster hosting, faster database responses, and easier scaling. We do not take any shortcuts. Performance first, always.

  • Lightweight Hosting Infrastructure

    One of the ways we’re making sure you can enjoy our fast hosting is by keeping our hosting infrastructure lightweight. Servebolt’s unique approach enables your websites to serve fast web pages without adding complexities or cache.

    We carefully built our hosting cloud from the ground up while focusing on raw performance that is not dependent on a single element in our hosting stack. Rather, it’s the sum of a number of optimizations spread across our entire hosting environment. Not only does this ensure the consistent performance you get out of the box, but it also makes your sites reliable and sustainable. This means that less code needs to run for your sites to be fast. It also means that we can offer simpler scaling options, all while using fewer resources and staying true to our green hosting mindset.

  • High Availability Hardware

    Our infrastructure is designed for high availability, with failover components in all layers of the stack. This means that if something fails, an automatic failover switches to using other components. This ensures maximum availability and reliability significant for your site.

  • Faster PHP Processing

    Servebolt hosting provides the fastest PHP processing available, which helps you reduce your site’s Time to first byte (TTFB). TTFB is what sets the first impression of your website and should therefore be fast. Combined with up to 40% faster databases, smart HTML caching, and many other customizations at the server level, our WordPress hosting lets your site perform in its fastest form.

  • Faster Databases than Anyone

    Our custom version of MariaDB – a MySQL drop-in replacement – databases perform more than 40% faster when migrated to our Servebolt Cloud, as confirmed by independent tests. Allowing you to have more than 100 000 posts, products, or orders and still enjoy a fast dashboard.

  • No Overage Fees, Traffic Limits, or Metered PHP Workers

    We believe we shouldn’t limit you in any way in making your website successful at all times. Unlimited PHP workers allow for all of your site’s features always to get processed fast without any price hikes.

    Unlike other hosting providers, we do not meter bandwidth usage, which allows any number of visitors to interact with your website. All our plans always have enough RAM available for your site to process a large number of concurrent requests from campaigns without any interruptions.

  • Multiple Server Locations

    With data centers around the world, you’ll be able to launch new sites close to your users no matter where you’re located. 

    Select the region that works best for you and your customers for maximum speed:

    – New York, United States (US East)
    – Dallas, United States (US Central)
    – Amsterdam, Netherlands
    – London, United Kingdom
    – Singapore
    – Johannesburg, South Africa
    – Oslo, Norway

Fully managed hosting for thriving agencies. Our hosting plans are tailored to fit agencies of all sizes and budgets, ensuring profitability. Choose from our range of plans, suitable for ten or a thousand sites.

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Build your own plan

Servebolt ensures transparent and predictable pricing.

The sliders will automatically optimize for the most affordable plan that fits your needs.

10 GB / 300 GB
0.5 Million / 50 Million
256 MB / 1024 MB
5 / 50
For small and growing enterprises


  • ✓ Custom Storage
  • ✓ Custom Dynamic Requests
  • ✓ ∞ Memory/RAM
  • ✓ ∞ Domains
  • ✓ ∞ PHP Workers
  • ✓ ∞ Visitors
  • ✓ Custom Bandwidth
  • ✓ Cloudflare Business or Enterprise
  • ✓ Custom Security
  • ✓ Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Perfect for Businesses


  • ✓ Standard Cloudflare Business
  • ✓ Argo routing and tiered caching – 500 GB included
  • ✓ Unlimited Workers
  • ✓ Servebolt Onboarding
  • ✓ Servebolt WAF and Firewall Management
  • ✓ Servebolt support
Tailored to Professionals


  • ✓ Standard Cloudflare Pro
  • ✓ Servebolt Onboarding
  • ✓ Servebolt WAF and Firewall Management
  • ✓ Cloudflare Support
Ideal Solution for Starters


  • ✓ Cloudflare Free Options
  • ✓ Servebolt Onboarding
  • ✓ Cloudflare Support
Fuel your success

From €699/mo

  • ✓ 100 GB Storage
  • ✓ 3 000 000 Dynamic Requests
  • ✓ 768 MB PHP memory limit
  • ✓ 50 Production Environments
  • ✓ ∞ PHP workers
  • ✓ ∞ RAM
  • ✓ Unmetered Data transfer
Power your business growth

From €349/mo

  • ✓ 40 GB Storage
  • ✓ 1 000 000 Dynamic Requests
  • ✓ 512 MB PHP memory limit
  • ✓ 25 Production Environments
  • ✓ ∞ PHP workers
  • ✓ ∞ RAM
  • ✓ Unmetered Data transfer
Grow online effortlessly

From €99/mo

  • ✓ 10 GB Storage
  • ✓ 500 000 Dynamic Requests
  • ✓ 256 MB PHP memory limit
  • ✓ 5 Production Environments
  • ✓ ∞ PHP workers
  • ✓ ∞ RAM
  • ✓ Unmetered Data transfer

Manage PHP-based applications on one platform


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References from successful partners

Servebolt is amazingly fast and very supportive to their clients and partners. Just give them a try and you will know it.

Andrew Wong
Managing Director of IWOOify

Servebolt is our preferred partner for all things WordPress and WooCommerce. Blazing fast servers, stellar support, and a breeze to connect to git for versioned development and deployment. I couldn’t recommend them more

Thord D. Hedengren
Co-founder of Hedengren Agency

The level of service and the understanding, from both a Partner’s point of view and a Client’s point of view, is outstanding. During our 25+ years in this business we’ve come across almost every hosting company in the Nordics and to be fair, Servebolt is something else. Just perfection all the way!

Alex Kappel
COO of Tankbar Digital Agency

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  • What is agency hosting?

    Agency hosting is a specialized hosting service that allows web or creative agencies to create unique sites for each client on the same hosting plan. It comes equipped with powerful tools for multisite management, client support, website security, and features that optimize the creative pipeline. With the right hosting provider, agencies can deliver reliable results to their clients and safeguard their hard-earned reputation.

  • What is the best type of hosting for an agency?

    Managed hosting is the best fit for agencies that work on various digital projects. Unlike self-managed hosting or shared hosting, managed hosting empowers both the agency and the client.

    All Servebolt hosting is managed hosting. Managed hosting means that you only need to maintain your hosted application, for example, your WordPress. Both hardware and network failures and the software running your website are maintained by Servebolt.
    When you buy managed hosting, you eliminate both risk and work relating to making sure that your application always is online. You get an environment that is safe, maintained, monitored, and upgraded with both security patches and performance enhancements.

  • Do you have an agency control panel?

    In the Servebolt control panel dashboard, you can access everything you need to manage your website portfolio in one simple location. Keep an overview of your recurring revenue through the partner dashboard.

  • Do you offer special Agency Partner programs?

    We have an Agency Partner Program that allows you to receive Partner Rewards and free hosting of your own site. You’ll also earn a 20% kickback for every single client Bolt you’re hosting with us. You can learn more about this at our Agency Partner Program page.

    After you have filled out the form on the page, you will receive all the necessary information via email, and one of our Agency Partner Managers will be in touch shortly.

  • What kind of support do you offer for agencies?

    We take care of the following:

    • Keeping the servers secure
    • Maintaining the server so it’s always healthy
    • Optimize the server so it’s always fast
    • Taking backups in case of fire
    • 24/7 standby if something goes wrong

    This means you can focus on the site you’re building – not the hosting (we take care of that!)