We perform daily backups of all files and databases for our customers. Our backups are non-intrusive, so they don’t have any impact on our customer website performance. All backups are saved off-site for extra security.

Restore backups easy without cost

Backups can be easily restored, either completely or in part, through our customer service. Just contact us, preferably through our site chat, and we’ll restore your backup as requested without any cost.

GDPR compliant storage

Our backups are stored for 30 days. We store one backup per day for the last 14 days and two weekly snapshots after that. We do this to comply with GDPR and not store customer data without a reason.

Tools for immediate backup

If you want to make some changes to your website that may effect its functionality, it’s easy to do a manual backup of your database and files. We provide all the necessary tools on your Bolt.

Note that we don’t perform backups of free test Bolts (websites/databases).

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