Manage WordPress and WooCommerce with WP-CLI

The command line interface for WordPress – called WP-CLI – is installed for all hosts on Servebolt and is available when you log in to your site with SSH. 

You can use WP-CLI in the /public folder (where your site is) by running the wp command. The following commands lists everything the command is capable of:

Navigate to the webroot (/public folder) of your site by writing this in CLI:

1. cd
2. cd public

When that is done you can run the command wp to get the WP-CLI manual.

WP automatically has access to your whole WordPress installation and database and no further usernames and passwords are required. 

Install WordPress

To easily install WordPress with WP CLI you can run:
wp core download 

Then you can visit the URL for your site, and go through the WP installer.

Check what WordPress core version you are running

Easily check the version with:
wp core version 

If your not on the latest version, make sure you upgrade by running:
wp core update

Manage plugins

You can manage, update, download, install and uninstall plugins by running varieties of the wp plugin command.

For example, you can install and activate Servebolt Optimizer by running:
wp plugin install servebolt-optimizer --activate

For more information regarding helpful WP-CLI commands you can check out our article or visit the original documentation on

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