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Introducing Servebolt CDN

Servebolt is always looking for new ways to help our clients become more scalable, more secure, greener, and faster. And today, we’re happy to introduce Servebolt CDN, which will help you with all of those areas.

Enterprise-grade CDN

Servebolt CDN delivers your website assets –  such as images, JavaScript files, and stylesheets – in the fastest way possible. 

Servebolt CDN is the result of our customers asking for a low-cost solution to secure websites of all kinds. On top of that, we added an Enterprise CDN to deliver static assets like JavaScript, images, stylesheets (CSS), and more.

And the best thing about Servebolt CDN is that we include 1 domain* with 100 GB bandwidth* * monthly on all Bolts! Every domain also comes with a free SSL certificate. That means you can add Servebolt CDN to your domain without any extra cost, today!

* We now offer Servebolt CDN for free for two domains per Bolt. Read the announcement here

Stopping attacks and DDoS/DoS

Our global enterprise Servebolt CDN network does a lot more than just work as a CDN across its 200+ nodes, though. We have added a managed web application firewall (WAF) to it that consists of security rules from both Cloudflare and Servebolt – and is fully managed by Servebolt.

On top of that, we’ve added Rate Limiting on common vulnerable endpoints for brute-force attacks and similar to help protect your site against bad actors. Plus, DDoS protection of your website with 100+ Tbps capacity. Lastly, you’ll get a free SSL on your Servebolt CDN-activated domains.

What this means for you and your website is a more secure setup and less traffic with malicious intent.


We include 1 domain* with 100 GB bandwidth monthly*, on all Bolts running in the Servebolt Cloud – both new and existing. Every domain also comes with a free SSL certificate.

Extra domains are $10 per domain per month, and extra bandwidth is $5 per 100 GB per month.

* We now offer Servebolt CDN for free for two domains per Bolt. Read the announcement here

* * The included domain can only be used on a domain that is not, and has not in the last 6 months, been running on a paid Cloudflare plan (Pro, Business, Enterprise) delivered by Servebolt or Accelerated Domains.

How to order Servebolt CDN

To order, simply navigate to any of your sites in the Servebolt Control panel and then to the Servebolt CDN tab. You can also order Servebolt CDN through our support chat.


Can Servebolt CDN be installed easily for my site?

Yes! All that is needed is a couple of DNS records added to the DNS of your domain, and you’re good to go.

What is the main difference between Accelerated Domains and Servebolt CDN?

Accelerated Domains is packed with features that increase the performance and scalability of any domain. Like a globally distributed HTML cache, proprietary performance optimizations are done on the fly, Image Resizing on the fly, and much more. These features are not part of Servebolt CDN.

How is Servebolt CDN similar to Accelerated Domains?

The two areas where Servebolt CDN and Accelerated Domains have similarities are on the CDN for static assets like images, scripts (JavaScript), and stylesheets (CSS), and most importantly, on the security engine.

Is Servebolt CDN the best way to increase performance for my site?

If you are looking for the absolute best way to increase your performance, Accelerated Domains is still the product for you. However, if you want to increase the performance and security of your site without the cost of Accelerated Domains – Servebolt CDN is the recommended choice.

Does my site need a specific plugin to make Servebolt CDN work?

Servebolt CDN does not require any configuration, plugins, or modules added to your site. Our upcoming update to the Servebolt Optimizer plugin for WordPress (version 3.5) will include an option to purge the contents on the CDN manually.

Thomas Audunhus

Head of Product

Thomas has built some of the fastest WordPress and WooCommerce pages in Norway and knows exactly how to make this happen. As Head of Product at Servebolt, he makes sure our services are as performant as possible.

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