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Vision & Mission

We want to help build a sustainable and fast internet.

We’re building a sustainable and fast internet by building a global, faster and more efficient website hosting infrastructure accessible to everyone.

We need to be sustainable

We believe in operating in a sustainable way. More aptly, we believe we should only be working in a sustainable manner. In every aspect of what we do and provide.

We're aiming for courageousness

In all aspects of our work, our service and our approach in helping make our vision come to fruition, we’re aiming to do this with courageousness.

We strive to have musicality

Having musicality is about being melodious, about being in harmony with one’s environment and in tune. Especially if we think differently than the norm.

We need to be sustainable

Sustainability can mean a great many of things. We believe it should cover every aspect of life. Which is why working in a sustainable manner covers every single aspect of our daily life, here at Servebolt. And we’re proud of that too! We think there is no other way to go about this.

Sustainability covers doing things in an environmentally friendly fashion. We’re not letting our goal, to provide you with the fastest hosting, get in the way of being frugal about energy consumption of our servers. We take pride in having found a way to offer incredible speed and scalability combined with being extremely energy efficient.

But don’t mistake being sustainable with just looking at our (digital) footprint. Running all aspects of the company is done with sustainability in mind. For instance, by creating and focusing on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, we’re making it sustainable to work at Servebolt. We’re in it for the long haul.

We’re aiming for courageousness

Brave. Bold. Courageous. We’re extremely performance driven and in order to maintain our top position in the field, we need courageousness in our decisions. Using cutting-edge technology requires exactly that.

We encourage everyone working at Servebolt – and sometimes our clients too! – to look outside the constraints of our beliefs of what’s possible, and how things should work.

All roads lead to Rome, they say, and for us that means that sometimes the most efficient way of getting where we know we want to be is the hardest road to travel. And we’re okay with that.

We strive to have musicality

In an orchestra, everyone’s role is equally important in order to achieve that greatest of goals: harmony. We strive to get there by actively looking for our musicality. Sure, the one playing the triangle may hold the smallest instrument as opposed to the one beating the bass drum, but both are required to achieve that desired harmony.

We actively encourage everyone working at Servebolt to look for what instrument they want to play in our orchestra. And, we also love helping everyone find what other instruments they could play. Especially if you’re thinking differently, and want to introduce an electrical guitar to a symphony.

And we don’t stop there. In everything what we do, we value respect, humility, transparency and honesty. Because only in doing so can we truly live up to our potential and be a customer centric company. We can not achieve true musicality, true harmony, in everything we do without it.