Servebolt Enterprise-grade CDN with Edge Caching

The Free Servebolt CDN secures websites hosted on Servebolt. Harness enterprise-level firewall, DDoS protection, and lightning-fast HTTP/3 CDN powered by Cloudflare’s robust global network. Our Servebolt CDN HTML Caching accelerates page delivery, slashing server requests for up to 98% performance boost!

Servebolt CDN


  • ✓ Free 100 GB CDN bandwidth
  • ✓ Extra bandwidth – €5 per 100 GB/mo
  • ✓ Servebolt CDN hostnames included – 5 (Pro Plan), 10 (Business Plan), 20 (Scale Plan)
  • ✓ Extra hostnames – €10/mo

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Enterprise-grade security and performance for all

Instant Performance Gains

Servebolt CDN delivers your website assets –  such as images, JavaScript files, and stylesheets – in the fastest way possible. Edge Caching cut TTFB around 20% on average and up to 100%, and the time to transfer complete pages can drop by almost 60%! We’re also extending the cache timeout for static items such as Images, Scripts, Styles, Documents, and Fonts. This will mean that your Core Web Vitals scores will improve, and Google will love your site a little bit more.

Higher CDN reliability 

Servebolt CDN is an enterprise-level network that operates across 200+ Points Of Presence (PoPs) worldwide. It comes with a managed web application firewall (WAF) with security rules from Servebolt and Cloudflare, fully managed by Servebolt.

On top of that, we’ve added Rate Limiting on common vulnerable endpoints for brute-force attacks and similar to help protect your site against bad actors. Plus, DDoS protection of your website with 100+ Tbps capacity. Lastly, you’ll get a free SSL on your Servebolt CDN-activated domains.

Hands Off Management

No need to struggle with complicated CDN tabs and options. All that is needed is a couple of DNS records added to the DNS of your domain, and you’re good to go. We automatically apply the Servebolt CDN configuration to boost your speed and performance scores.

Advantages of Servebolt’s CDN

HTTP/3 Support

Servebolt CDN comes with native support for HTTP/3, the latest revision of the HTTP protocol. Compared to HTTP/2, HTTP/3 offers faster 0-RTT handshakes, SSL encryption requirements, better performance, and more.

Web Application Firewall built-in (WAF)

Servebolt CDN comes with a built-in Web Application Firewall (WAF) that consists of security rules from both Cloudflare and Servebolt. No configuration is required, and no hidden costs are associated.

Free Domains

At Servebolt, we provide 5+ domains with 100 GB bandwidth per month on all Bolts that run in the Servebolt Cloud. The number of Servebolt CDN hostnames you receive depends on your plan – 5 for the Pro Plan, 10 for the Business Plan, and 20 for the Scale Plan.

Edge Caching

Servebolt CDN Edge Caching can help your website achieve a 98% improvement in performance. This is made possible by caching web pages closer to your users, resulting in faster page load times. And the best part is that it’s free! The Edge caching is provided through Cloudflare Enterprise via Servebolt, which not only provides faster performance but also advanced security for your site.

Powered by Cloudflare

The Servebolt CDN and Edge Caching are proprietary on Cloudflare Enterprise – the world’s largest network powering nearly 20% of the web with 260+ locations around the globe.

When your site visitors load your website, cached responses will be delivered from one of the 260+ locations closest to them.

Our support is ready to help

Support is the backbone of Servebolt. Our Support Team knows Servebolt and Servebolt CDN by heart. Our Servebolters are ready to assist if you have any questions or issues with our CDN offer. 

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Accelerate your site to the next level now!

Servebolt CDN caching excludes certain URLs, including e-commerce pages such as WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, logged-in pages, and product feeds. For fine-grain control of what gets cached, purged, or longer cache times, you’ll want to look at Accelerated Domains. 

Accelerated Domains is packed with features that increase the performance and scalability of any domain. Like a globally distributed HTML cache, proprietary performance optimizations done on the fly, Image Resizing on the fly, and much more.

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Accelerated Domains

From €249/mo

Extra domains: €39 per domain name
Extra bandwidth: €79 per month per TB

Adding Accelerated Domains to your domain will make your entire site perform a lot better across four distinct domains: raw performance and speed, extreme scalability, enterprise-grade security, and truly sustainable hosting. In one simple step, you’ve accelerated your site to the next level.


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  • Can Servebolt CDN be installed easily for my site?

    Yes! All that is needed is a couple of DNS records added to the DNS of your domain, and you’re good to go.

  • How is Servebolt CDN similar to Accelerated Domains?

    The two areas where Servebolt CDN and Accelerated Domains have similarities are the CDN for static assets like images, scripts (JavaScript), stylesheets (CSS), and, most importantly, the security engine.

  • Does my site need a specific plugin to make Servebolt CDN work?

    Servebolt CDN does not require any configuration, plugins or modules added to your site. Our upcoming update to the Servebolt Optimizer plugin for WordPress (version 3.5) will include an option to purge the contents on the CDN manually.