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Load balancing

Load balancing is a technique that can be used to scale website traffic. Distribute traffic across multiple servers in a cluster or multiple geographical origins.

Technical contact

We have a special technical contact role for all Bolts, that receives important information about bugs and errors that may occur.


Manage redirects of domain names easily through our Control Panel. Forward all traffic to SSL!

HTTP/2 Push

The HTTP/2 Push function is activated by default for all our customers. With push, you can pre-load content to your visitors before they even request it themselves!


Servebolt has supported SSL & SPDY, now HTTP/2 – since the beginning of time.

GZIP Compression

GZIP Compression can reduce the size of a website by more than 50%, thus making it much faster to download over the internet. Compression is automatically enabled, and handled correctly by the hosting stack. Head of R&D at Servebolt, Hans…


We make it easy to setup sites for development, staging and production. Every Bolt includes support for multiple websites, with pre-installed server tools for easy site duplication. Unified server environment With Servebolt you don’t need to setup a separate server…

Control Panel

All of Servebolt customers have access to our powerful web-based control panel. In the control panel it’s possible to manage all services, access and user roles, SSL-certificates and many website settings. Immediate access to all services Bolts and websites created…


Servebolt MariaDB is built and tuned specifically to perform for PHP based CMS’s. We maintain and deploy new performance improvements on a continuous basis. The workload of modern content management systems differs from standard database uses. Servebolt databases are optimized…