• Can I Update my Servebolt Account Information

    Your account information can be updated/changed in the Account Portal. In the Account Portal, you’ll be able to see your invoices, and billing history, change your account information, billing and shipping addresses, payment method and company information.

    If you’d like to update the email of your account on Servebolt, then that is also possible, but please be aware that changing email also comes with a risk. 

    Keep in mind: All current information on an account stays the same when changing an email. This means that any existing account information, such as payment method(s) can be used by anyone with access to the new email address. So make sure that you don’t grant access to anyone you don’t intend to do so with. We suggest only changing your email address if it’s highly necessary.
    If you want to change your email, or should you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact our support chat at!

  • What happens if I exceed the number of Dynamic Requests included in my plan?

    At Servebolt we have a soft approach to request limits. We will not take down your site because you exceed the included Dynamic Requests. If you exceed the number of Dynamic Requests included in your plan, we will get in touch and find a solution that fits your case.

    We can set you up with an add-on that includes more Dynamic Requests for a set price per month. Another solution could be to improve your cache hit ratio with one of our CDN solutions.