Introducing Magento Cache + Other Magento Tools

We’ve been offering Magento hosting here at Servebolt for quite a while now. Originally with just Magento, but we’ve expanded our Magento hosting with dedicated Magento 2 hosting when it was released as well.

Today we’re announcing additional tools for our Magento hosting environment, making our Magento hosting easier and more complete.


The first tool we’d like to introduce is a Magento 2 caching solution dedicated to our Bolts.

The Servebolt Magento 2 cache plugin (M2Cache) makes sites on the fastest Magento 2 hosting, even faster. It does this by making cache headers for the HTML that allows for HTML caching on the web server and in the browser.

The front-end cache layers on top of the built-in caching in Magento 2, thus eliminating the direct need for Varnish. It seamlessly integrates with the Servebolt hosting stack that uses nginx as the internet-facing webserver.

For the admin section and dynamic parts of the store, the frontend cache bypasses request with the no_cache cookies. You can find the extension on our Github page.

magerun2 integration

Every single Magento 2 site on any Bolt going forward will have access to the magerun2 command line interface (CLI) as an extension to the default Magento 2 CLI.

The Swiss army knife of Magento 2 (n98-magerun2.phar) – for which we are happily sponsoring the hosting for – is available as a standard part of our Magento 2 hosting stack on Servebolt now. This means that you can just write magerun2  from anywhere on the command line! The magerun2 tool is making it super easy to manage Magento 2.

Magento 2 Servebolt Installer

Magento 2 raised the requirements needed to get started with it. It introduced a mandatory command line interface, the use of composer, Github, access keys, and many other concepts that are quite normal for developers but can be hard to understand and manage for store owners.

To remedy this, we’ve created a simple solution for the command line, The installer will guide you through the setup and make a fresh copy of the most recent version of Magento 2 in less than 1 minute. With just one command, you can install Magento 2!

Oh, if you prefer us to handle this, feel free to ask support for a fresh M2 install, and we will happily do it for you. Just open up a chat with us.

We’ve also made it super easy to configure Magento 2 Cron Jobs, by the way.

Tighter Magento 2 & Cloudflare integration

As we were looking to improve our Magento 2 hosting offering, we found a few things we could improve in our Cloudflare hosting integration. Specifically, our Servebolt Cloudflare Pro and Servebolt Cloudflare Business plans have even better integration with the Cloudflare services as of this week.

If you’re not yet using either, we highly recommend adding one of Servebolt’s Cloudflare plans for increased security and optimization. Ask us about the benefits.

We hope you enjoy these improvements in our Magento 2 hosting stack, and we’d love for you to try us out. Did you know we offer a free account for testing purposes?