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With any Cloudflare plan, you will need fast origin hosting. Servebolt delivers market leading high performance hosting that will ensure the maximum security and performance for your website.

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Choosing the right plan

The questions you should ask yourself when considering the different Cloudflare plans are: Does it affect performance? How does it affect performance? What can I expect? and do I need it?

Cloudflare Pro

The entry-level paid plan delivers value for money. It gets your zone excluded from the Free plan testing pool, and adds support for all different browser types. It also includes some basic performance enhancing features that can be enabled on the edge, to optimize images and basic static element optimization.

The always online feature will crawl your site every three days and serve cached pages, if your website should be unavailable for a moment. Learn more about our Cloudflare Pro offering.

Cloudflare Business

For Servebolt hosted clients, Cloudflare Business comes included with the most important performance enhancing features, Railgun and Argo Routing. You’ll also get support for workers, and security features like Cloudflare Access, web application firewall with custom rulesets.

Cloudflare Business also extends the standard Servebolt SLA with a 100% uptime guarantee. Learn more about our Cloudflare Business offering.



Servebolt Cloudflare Free

For Starters

$0 monthly

  • Cloudflare Free Options
  • Servebolt Onboarding
  • Cloudflare Support


Servebolt Cloudflare Pro

For Professionals

$29 monthly

  • Standard Cloudflare Pro
  • Servebolt Onboarding
  • Servebolt WAF and Firewall Management
  • Cloudflare Support


Servebolt Cloudflare Business

Perfect for Businesses

$249 monthly

  • Standard Cloudflare Business
  • Argo routing and tiered caching – 500GB included
  • Unlimited Workers
  • Servebolt Onboarding
  • Servebolt WAF and Firewall Management
  • Cloudflare support
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Servebolt is a certified Cloudflare Enterprise Partner and reseller of Cloudflare services. We are also an Cloudflare Optimized Partner, which means that the networking connections between Servebolt and Cloudflare are enhanced.

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