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Introducing New Free Domains Limits for Servebolt CDN

At Servebolt, maximizing the performance of our customers’ sites is one of our top priorities. As a result, we are constantly looking for new approaches to support our clients to become more scalable, secure, greener, and robust in their website processes.

Earlier in 2021, we announced a complimentary fully managed CDN integration for all sites hosted on Servebolt. It allowed all our customers to take advantage of Servebolt CDN for free, on top of our performance-optimized hosting stack. Carefully developed to incorporate all related services needed for the best results, this modern service brought additional value by adding various security enhancements and speed gains that will improve performance across all aspects of the website.

Today, we’re excited to kick off the next grade of our CDN to provide even more value to Servebolt customers day-to-day. We’re doubling the resources in our Servebolt CDN, giving you two domains per Bolt, included at no additional cost, to support your growth.

What Does Servebolt CDN Do?

The need to deliver content globally efficiently is more crucial in today’s media-interactive Web world and technologies. As WordPress sites can be pretty media-intensive, Content Delivery Network services nowadays are considered a staple in the WordPress world.

At Servebolt, we do things having customers’ needs in mind. Built around five pillars—operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and sustainability—our managed platform provides a consistent approach for customers and partners to implement best practices, optimize costs, and leverage equally incredible experiences to website visitors worldwide. Inevitably, a content delivery network (CDN) is a crucial component of a modern hosting stack.

The Servebolt Performance First Cloud offers a premium, robust enterprise-grade CDN powered by Cloudflare at no additional cost. Servebolt CDN is a site speed optimization service developed in-house specifically for our customers, who receive traffic from different geographic locations. As you would expect from us, it’s all about delivering your website assets – such as images, JavaScript files, and stylesheets – in the fastest way possible.

It comes with a Web Application Firewall built-in (WAF) that consists of security rules from both Cloudflare and Servebolt. No configuration is required, and no hidden costs come along.

Loads of happy users have enabled their Servebolt CDN and are already actively using it. We are so glad and thankful for their positive critical feedback and input that helped us apply some final touches to our offering.

Introducing New Free Domains Limits for Servebolt CDN

Up until now, along with our enterprise-grade Servebolt CDN, we included one domain with 100 GB bandwidth monthly on all Bolts.

We now include two domains with 100 GB bandwidth monthly on all Bolts running in the Servebolt Cloud – both new and existing. The included domain can only be used on a domain that is not, and has not in the last six months, been running on a paid Cloudflare plan (Pro, Business, Enterprise) delivered by Servebolt or Accelerated Domains. Every domain also comes with a free SSL certificate.

Additional free domain for Servebolt CDN means you can now: onboard a root (apex) domain along with the subdomain to your CDN endpoint. In other words, whether your site is opened with www or without www or if it uses SSL, the Servebolt CDN works as expected.

How to Enable Servebolt’s CDN

To enable the Servebolt CDN, login to Servebolt Control Panel and navigate to any of your sites.

Click on the Servebolt CDN tab and proceed to the Order Servebolt CDN button.

Existing customers have already been applied with the new free domain name limits. This means if you’re already using Servebolt CDN, you are welcome to take advantage of the second additional free domain name option.


Servebolt’s CDN is a high-performance CDN available to all Servebolt customers at no additional cost. And if you still haven’t started using Servebolt CDN, now is the best time to enable it!

With our increased resources and personalized support, you can easily handle more traffic, data, and applications and confidently take your business to the next level.

Interested in managed hosting that’s empirically faster? Try the Servebolt way:

  • Scalability: In the real user workload tests, Servebolt delivered average response times of 65ms, 4.9x faster response times than the second best.
  • The fastest global load times: Average page load times of 1.26 seconds put us at the top of the list of global WebPageTest results.
  • The fastest computing speed: Servebolt servers provide previously unheard-of database speed, processing 2.44 times more queries per second than the average, and running PHP 2.6 times faster than the second-best!
  • Perfect security and uptime: With 100% uptime on all monitors, and an A+ rating on our SSL implementation, you can be assured your site is online and secure.

All backed by our expert team. Ready to take Servebolt for a spin on your free test Bolt today?

Elena Yovcheva

Elena is in charge of telling the Servebolt's story. The relationship between Elena and the Hosting Industry has been going on for 15+ years now, and neither of them knew it would be so passionate. Her background includes Sales and Customer Relationship development and Online Marketing.

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