Say Hello to the New

We’re excited to announce that has undergone a complete makeover! Today, we reveal our new look and align our public image with our ever-evolving identity.

Modernizing a website’s technology and design, at its core, isn’t the easiest task to take on. This was a complex and fast-paced project which included in-depth collaboration across multiple teams. After a lot of hard work and dedication, we are proud to unveil the redesigned website and brand-new Help Center. Get ready to experience the best that Servebolt has to offer! 

This rebuild aligns with the values at the core of our company: we’re building a sustainable and fast internet by creating a global, faster, and more efficient website hosting infrastructure that’s accessible to everyone.

In this blog post, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at why we decided to launch the new brand identity and website.

Why the Rebranding?

Brands inform perceptions. At Servebolt, we believe that our brand isn’t just a reflection of our company, but also a representation of our customers and their needs. Our customers’ dynamic needs challenge us to constantly strive for excellence at Servebolt.

Over the past two decades, the industry has undergone a significant transformation. With the advent of technology, entrepreneurs and creators can now dream big and achieve more. In the modern age, it has become easy to turn a great idea into a successful online business. 

At Servebolt, we understand the importance of providing business owners and creators with the resources they need to build, manage, and grow their businesses. The agility to do these things quickly and seamlessly is fundamental. We have carefully curated a range of tools, infrastructure, and expert support to create the best platform for building an online business.

Building on Our Roots

Servebolt was founded back in 2014 by Hans Kristian Rosbach and Erlend Eide. Back then, named Raske Sider, which is Norwegian for Fast Pages. Our purpose is to deliver secure, fast, stable, and scalable green internet hosting infrastructure.

Our passion for performance has been growing ever since the web started to get slower. Servebolt’s offerings are part of the remedy, and we have served an international audience globally since 2017. 

Brave. Bold. Courageous. Being the fastest means everything to us and you can only get there by doing things that are out of the ordinary.

The brand message communicates now more clearly that Servebolt is a technically cutting-edge, innovative challenger with a human touch. We dare to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Our hosting service is proven to be the fastest in the world. We are committed to making the internet faster.

Maximized simplicity is what users look for on the web nowadays; thus, the Scandinavian minimalistic heritage is also present. This is not just about aesthetics; it’s about maximizing our impact by focusing on what truly matters. Our designs are crafted to showcase Servebolt’s unique identity, creating a memorable experience for users. 

To an ordinary eye, the new logo might look like a speeding bolt. However, what’s a logo without a twist?

In every inch of our product, Servebolt oozes the feeling fast. For anything to be perceived as fast, it needs to have a static counterpart. This became the cornerstone of our brand identity. The new logo’s main concept is to portray the feeling of fast. The duality between a reference point and speed is used as a main motif and builds itself into all Servebolt communication elements; such as logo, colors, typography, graphics, and photo style.

New Website & Help Center

We’ve made big changes to our online presence. Our refreshed look and feel reflect the deliberate choice to personify Servebolt as the knowledgeable sidekick that helps you get the job done.

There are structural as well as aesthetic differences to the website. Structurally, we have tried to make things simpler and clearer, with better labelling and easier navigation. We’ve also added some new sections to the website as well as re-arranged and expanded some of the old ones.

Our new Help Center is the one place for all Servebolt customers to get support from Servebolt and provide them with a delightful experience right from the start. This experience was built from the ground up not only to replace the old Support Center but also to be a better experience for all Servebolt customers. With search featured front-and-center followed by smart recommendations on distinct resolutions, it has become much simpler to find what you are looking for.

The all-new website platform gives our engineering team more flexibility than ever before. Along with this initial set of improvements, we’re planning additional features and integrations in the future to make sure you get world-class support. The next release of the new Help Center will deliver a fresh new experience to product documentation and will further enhance your interactions with our products as a Servebolt Platform user.

Now That the New Site is Live, What’s Next?

We’re just getting started. We view our website as a product, and this release is just version 1.0. 

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be announcing new features that enhance our vision of courage and musicality so that will truly be the obvious choice for the remarkable digital experiences you can build with WordPress on the Servebolt Platform.

Looking Forward

On June 1st, we officially launched brand-new plans and pricing model that put a greater focus on customization and flexibility while taking advantage of our amazing performance and scalability. Our three base plans with a fully customizable Enterprise plan, in addition, allow for easy scalability with add-ons to meet all your needs for your website, application, or online store.

In addition, we created the Servebolt Pricing wizard. Hosting and its pricing are always dependent on multiple moving parts, but that does not mean that pricing needs to be a black box. Our new wizard helps you build your own plan, and understand the price due, quickly and easily. The Servebolt Pricing wizard is the very first of the ones you may come to expect that will ease your day-to-day interactions with Servebolt. The wizards are going to guide everyone, regardless of experience level, through complex tasks with the goal of a higher self-served success rate.

Complete Platform Overhaul

After nearly one year of work overhauling every aspect of our stack, we will unveil a complete Platform rebuild from the ground. The Servebolt next-generation platform embraces the utmost flexibility and capabilities to provide an efficient, scalable solution that consistently meets customers’ evolving needs. The new platform is designed to improve process efficiency, productivity, and reliability. 

New Servebolt Admin Panel

The new Servebolt Admin Panel is the customer-facing side of Servebolt. It has been rebuilt from the ground up with loads of new tools and customer-requested features, and an improved UX. The main concept was to create a working platform for our customers that is simple, easy-to-use, and personal. It reflects our belief that high quality of service should show even in the smallest interface details of the tools we give you. 

So here are some highlights of what you will find in your new Servebolt Admin Panel:

  • SSH keys can be added directly from the Control Panel
  • Flexible PHP versions allowing you to choose what PHP version runs in what Environment
  • Bolt statistics on traffic and errors 

 And there’s more to come!

A new API is also on the horizon. It allows for an improved and more streamlined approach to working with our platform and integrating the Servebolt NextGen stack into your own systems/methodology. For agencies, the API will be an absolute game changer, since it enables customers to build custom Control Panels.

Over the next few months, you’ll see all the other visuals around Servebolt aligning around the new branding: on the website, in advertising, and in the rest of Servebolt’s products. New Servebolt Platform updates are now being gradually rolled out. In the course of the complete overhaul in the next few weeks, you may experience some content discrepancies on the upcoming features.

We hope you are just as excited as we are and look forward to speeding up a big part of the internet together! Thank you all for being a part of the journey to the new Servebolt from the future.