At Servebolt We Stand with Ukraine

These last two weeks have been an extremely challenging time for the Ukrainian people. As Servebolt, we will show our support and actively help where we are best suited to do so. We recognize the importance of online activity, access to the internet, and the free flow of information. Servebolt’s strategic purpose is to deliver secure, fast, stable, and scalable green internet hosting infrastructure, especially in times of need.

We call upon all our customers and suppliers to contribute where they best can. No matter how small or big, a donation to aid Ukraine is a donation to freedom and democracy in these demanding times.

Servebolt’s Response in Support for Ukraine

So what can we do? Earlier this week, we announced on our Social Media channels that we will be offering our services for free to initiatives that support the people of Ukraine. We have already seen initiatives to help the Ukrainian people struggle to keep their websites up, and news outlets are struggling with the same due to both an increased amount of traffic and an increased amount of malicious activity. We have reached out to news- and media organizations that might want and need our support and products.

If you know of organizations or initiatives that would benefit from our products and services, please let us know. 

Support Without Taking Action is Not Enough

Additionally,  we have donated money to Nerd Aid today, an initiative started by Erlend Schei to get Norwegian tech companies to donate money. All Nerd Aid donations go directly to the Red Cross and its important work. Amongst many other organizations, Razom is a 501(c)(3) organization. You can visit their website,, for more information on different ways to help.

We strongly believe that doing nothing is not an option. No matter how small or big a contribution, it will make a difference for the Ukrainian people.

We hope you consider this as important as we do, and we encourage you to help and donate where you can.