A Bolt™️ is like a container for your websites. It defines the technical environment, settings and storage. Besides websites it contains blazing fast databases, built-in support for Git, SSH, SFTP and command-line tools for WordPress, Magento, Drupal.

    Servebolt Bolts are easily managed through the web interface of our admin panel. They are secured by our daily non-intrusive backups. SSL-certificates are also created and managed within our Bolts.

    Each Bolt includes three (3) website environments, for production, development and staging. All environments have separate access credentials and can be configured separately.

    Bolts are what cloud servers, VPS, dedicated servers and shared hosting wants to be. Bolts are much faster, with better performance and reliability. Bolts are the best hosting solution ever.

    How do Bolts compare?

    What’s the difference between Servebolt Bolts and other hosting alternatives?

    Shared hostingVPSDedicated server
    Shared hosting compares to a tent on a campsite. You only have few resources, and it’s super annoying when your neighbors decide to throw a party. And it only fits up to 4 people.A VPS is like having an apartment in an apartment building. You have your own space, but it’s still small. Room for 1-15, but you have to refurbish and maintain the inside of your apartment yourself.Just like with a house, a dedicated server is comfortable. Noisy neighbors don’t matter, and you have all the space to yourself. You can host a party with up to 100 people, but noone is there to clean up after you. You also have to maintain the house, all the time.
    ContainersCloud HostingBolt
    Living in a container is cheap, and you can always add one more container to fit more people. But, living in a container will never be comfortable. And it was not intended as a living arrangement in the first place. Hosting your site with containers is just the exact same thing.Hosting your site in the cloud is living in a yet-to-finish skyscraper. All the space you need, but not necessarily when you need it. Bathroom on the ground floor, kitchen on the top floor. Unused space in-between. And the cost of maintaining a skyscraper is always a bit foggy.Your site on a Bolt in the Servebolt Cloud is like renting one floor in a skyscraper, with the possibility to host a party in the whole building if you want to. Including rooftop parties. The building is fully maintained, you only need to bring your furniture. All this for one agreed price per month.

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