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Git and Continuous Integration

Learn how to use Git and Continous Integration (CI) on Servebolt

There are two ways to use Git. Servebolt has a built in Git integration. It lets you deploy code from the branch of your liking through the control panel with a single click, or even automatically deploy your committed code if you set up webhooks. The other way to use Git is via the command line.

Can I use CI tools?

Yes. They usually just depend on rsync / ssh and symlinks. We recommend using a service like Branch CI.  Branch is a deployment tool designed for WordPress developers. It’s CI/CD without a steep learning curve. There are no configuration files to learn and Branch has a dedicated Servebolt recipe to help you integrate easily. 

Can I change the webserver’s public/ folder?

public/ will always be the public folder, but you can delete the physical folder and replace it with a symlink of your liking if your deployment tools run alternative folder structures.

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