Servebolt Secures $5 Million in Growth Capital

Servebolt offers high-performance, high scalability managed hosting for WordPress, Laravel, Drupal, and many other CMSes. Month after month, year after year, Servebolt has been growing in size and revenue. Servebolt’s unique take and focus on performance by saving resources where possible and building a specialized hosting cloud is paying off. Our founding principle of making sure our customers’ websites are as fast and scalable as they can be still guides every decision we make.

It is with this in mind that we’re excited to announce that Hawk Infinity has invested $5M into Servebolt. This capital injection values Servebolt at $15M. With this investment, Hawk Infinity now owns 35,7% of Servebolt’s shares. 

In contrast to the trends in the hosting industry where the big hosting companies acquire the growing challengers, Hawk Infinity’s investment in Servebolt is a big leap towards creating an independent global, performance-focused alternative.

Hawk Infinity is a good investor for us because they have an investment strategy that aligns perfectly with our plans for the future. In contrast to venture capitalists, Hawk invests for the long term, so we don’t have to worry about short term exit incentives. They want to build value, and grow the company.

– Erlend Eide, CEO Servebolt

Why did Hawk Infinity Invest in Servebolt?

It was important to us to find an investor that would invest for the long term and with a mindset that allows us to make decisions in the best interest of Servebolt as a whole, for employees, customers, and our existing shareholders. Hawk is an active investor and brings a lot of experience and knowledge to Servebolt. They are working with several SaaS tech companies and strengthening our team with strong competence in strategy, market, pricing, mergers, and acquisitions. 

With the investment, we have also gotten a professional Board. CEO Erlend Eide steps down as Chair of the Board in favor of the new Chairman, Ragnar Bø. Hawk is represented on the board by Jannik Woxholth, who has 10 years of management consulting experience from McKinsey. 

Chief Investment Officer Johan Michelsen in Hawk Infinity says:

Hawk Infinity constantly searches for companies with world-leading potential within large global software verticals. The global hosting market is huge and exhibits strong long-term growth prospects, and we believe Servebolt is very well positioned to capture significant market share, while several incumbents struggle with legacy issues. We reviewed the technology with some of our best tech-guys and all of them agreed this was the best service they had tested. Supported by the strong team and the capital we put into the company we believe that Servebolt has unicorn-potential.

– Johan Michelsen,Chief Investment Officer Hawk Infinity
Johan Michelsen

What’s Next for Servebolt?

Servebolt’s specialty lies in helping customers scale their websites as well as providing raw performance. Up until now, Servebolt has mainly been bootstrapped and grown organically. This injection of capital allows us to scale up our global presence through increased sales and marketing efforts. 

Paul Chater (Senior Advisor), Thomas Audunhus (Head of Product), Remkus de Vries (Head of People), Brandy Handeland (Project Manager), CEO Erlend Eide, CEO.
Photo: Marloes Chater

Growing the Team

The most important thing it will allow us to do is hire more people at a much faster pace as we grow. This will speed up the ongoing development of the Servebolt Cloud, as well as our Control Panel and connected systems.

Through the past few years, Servebolt has become a distributed company, employing the right people independent of nationality or where they live. Since last year we’ve doubled in size, and we expect to continue to onboard about 10 new Servebolters over the next 12 months.

People are at the heart of what we do. They are the most important part of Servebolt. Every single one of us working at Servebolt is working towards a common goal, both in full freedom of how they operate and in full responsibility for the task at hand. 

The roles we’re looking to fill sometime in the near future are PHP and JavaScript Developers, Database Administrators, Marketing Specialists, Cloud Operation Engineers, Support Engineers, Sales and Marketing Specialists in the United States, and many more! If you think you, or someone you know, would be a good fit for Servebolt – please get in touch. We’d love to chat!

New Cloud Locations

Part of our global expansion is the further development of the US market. We already have a server data center in New York City, but we’ll expand to more US locations in 2022. We’re also evaluating other new locations, such as Germany and the Middle East. Where would you like to see the next Servebolt point of presence?

What’s Next for Servebolt Clients?

We will be increasing our rate of innovation. In the last year, Servebolt has introduced Accelerated Domains and Servebolt CDN. Our new Servebolt API has received its first endpoints and is already used a lot by our clients, both active in their own applications and through our plugin for WordPress

The Servebolt API will continue to have a strong focus as it enables our clients to use the Servebolt Cloud in a more flexible and tailored manner, simplifying and automating the provisioning of resources and adapting to work and deploy flows.