Meet Servebolt’s New Flexible, Transparent Pricing

We feel the value of our service is in our ability to help you and your customers have a more performant site, a secure and reliable environment, tools that make it faster to create rich experiences, insights into how to improve your site, integrations that make it easier to extend your site, and all backed by the independently acknowledged leading support organization.

Servebolt’s new plans and pricing model put a greater focus on customization and flexibility while taking advantage of our amazing performance and scalability. The new plans are meant to accelerate our ambitions to move beyond just managed hosting. They offer the flexibility for customers to grow on our platform at their own pace, allowing for a more agile development experience and making powerful features.

Beginning June 1, 2023, new sign-ups will be able to enjoy our new performant plans and pricing. Whether you need a customized enterprise solution or you just need managed hosting to get started, we have a plan that’s right for you.

Why the New Pricing and Plans Change

This year Servebolt turned 8! This is an important milestone for our company, which has evolved so much through these years. Thus, introducing the new Servebolt Pricing structure is yet another step that reflects the increased value of the products offered.

Through the years, we have improved and changed almost every aspect of our product for good. The one thing that hasn’t changed over this time is how our plans work and the plan structure. This has resulted in an increasing amount of plans to tailor to various customer needs. It was obvious that this increased amount of plans does, however, create a growing complexity for the customers.

In addition, we want to align better with the market and lower our pricing on storage especially. We currently have our pricing mostly connected to the amount of storage needed, and our pricing doesn’t allow for balanced pricing in scenarios where clients have high storage needs but a low need for dynamic requests and the other way around.

To achieve this, a simplified plan structure with fewer plans is needed.

Fewer plans, on the other hand, create fewer options and less flexibility, thus a need to keep the option to buy add-ons on top of any plan.

The combination of fewer plans with the option to add storage and dynamic requests, as well as increasing the PHP memory limit, results in a highly flexible yet still simple and easy-to-understand pricing structure.

Our new pricing model will benefit our customers with lower prices and greater flexibility, while our tiered pricing system will allow for scalability as customers’ needs grow.

Servebolt’s New Simplified Pricing Model

As you can see from the new pricing structure, we have simplified the number of plans of our product offering and reduced the amount of “base plans” from 6 to 3. Additionally, we want to lower the barrier to entry to our service.

All plans will have more storage included per dollar spent, and Servebolt CDN hostnames will increase across all plans.

Scalability is an important part of our product, yet it is not currently part of our pricing. In the new pricing, we will include a “guaranteed scalability” by adding the “Dynamic Requests Per Second” component. This is a guarantee to our clients that we can, at minimum, scale to a set number of dynamic requests per second accumulated on that Bolt. As long as your time-to-first-byte of 400ms or below, you can take advantage of the Dynamic Requests per second guarantee.

The flexibility we provide in this new pricing model is rare in the hosting market, as most other hosting companies have set plans with set contents.

The new Scale plan has been made to tailor to the current Enterprise Starter and Small Enterprise-level customer’s needs as well as the ones just below those to plans in need and requirements. Interested in our custom Enterprise plan quotes? Contact us and let our team create a custom solution for you based on your needs.

The New Flexible Addon Pricing

The new addon structure allows you to easily purchase the cost-effective disk space add-on and keep using your current plan. The more storage you buy on any plan, the lower the price per GB it goes. Adding just a few million extra Dynamic Requests is more affordable compared to the current pricing.

The PHP memory limit is an important indicator of how complex a site is, and memory is, in general, an expensive resource. We will keep our Unlimited RAM policy but limit the amount of extra memory you can add to new plans to 1 unit of 256 MB.

Our new tiered pricing as a concept for addons puts greater focus on customization and flexibility. Tiered pricing can be a bit hard to understand fully and especially to calculate without using a calculator. To ease that process for you, you may play around with the pricing calculator we have created for you.

ℹ️ Please note that the pricing calculator provided on this website is intended to provide estimates only, and the actual prices may vary. Furthermore, as the pricing calculator is still in Beta, it may not offer the most pleasurable experiences on mobile devices. 

Addons on top of any plan can be added and removed at any time and are billed monthly or annually according to the plan the addon is added to. Addons for annual plans will be charged for the remaining billing term at the time of addition.

Adjustments in the NOK Pricing

A lower rate differential against the Euro has been a key factor behind the weak NOK over the last year – and this is unlikely to change soon.

Nonetheless, the persistent weakness of the Norwegian krone since 2016, financing conditions have been tightening ever more since the beginning of 2022, with the krone gaining around 10% against the US dollar, although it remains down by more than 12%. As a result, in April 2023, buying USD and EUR with NOK is between 15 and 20% more expensive compared to the same period in 2022.

This has led to the decision that on June 1st, 2023, Servebolt is updating the pricing of all existing hosting plans in NOK by ~15%. Hosting plan prices in USD, SEK, and EUR remain unaffected.

Discontinuing SEK Payments

In an effort to keep our prices low even in a high-inflation economy like now, we have also decided to take the measure of discontinuing payments in the Swedish krona.

All existing customers with active subscriptions in SEK will need to be migrated to the corresponding plan in Euro, along with the launch of the new pricing.

What Does the New Pricing Mean for Existing Clients

As per the announcement of our new hosting plan structure, all Pro Plan, Pro Plus Plan, Business Plan, Business Plus Plan, Business Extra Plan, Business Pro Plan, Enterprise Starter, and Small Enterprise hosting have been moved to a legacy status. All existing plans will be grandfathered, and no subscriptions will be forced to transition to new pricing now.

All subscriptions will remain the same until the customer wants or needs to make any plan adjustment. At that time, the subscription requires an update and transition to new pricing and plans. This process does not involve any downtime or data migration and does not require any reconfiguration from our clients.

Of course, once setting the New Plans go live on June 1st, our existing clients can take advantage of the new plans and pricing right away. This option will be available via the new upcoming Upgrade page in the Servebolt Control panel. So keep an eye out for lots more updates coming this summer season! By having your Bolt plan upgraded to the new plans and pricing, you will be able to take advantage of all new upcoming features the moment they are publicly available.

By upgrading your plan to the new plans and pricing, it is actually cheaper to go above what you currently use. So why wait?


When we look back after a decade in the industry, we are proud to say that not only a significant number of our team members but also many of our customers and partners have been with us on this ride since the beginning. We are grateful for the many clients and partners that use our services to empower their websites. We remain committed to expanding our hosting portfolio to help our customers thrive and succeed.