Site Settings

In the Servebolt Control Panel you can find your Bolt and your sites in it. Per site comes with it’s own Site Settings. You have the following settings available: Development Mode The first setting is development mode. It turns off caching. Read more here! Site Related Settings Site name Name […]

Changing your Bolt’s plan

With our Control Panel we have made it easy for you to change, downgrade or upgrade your plan. But where can I see my plan, where can I change it and what does this all mean? Table of Contents My Plan Type of Plan Payment Interval Addons Plan Info Downgrading […]

Bolt settings

Bolt settings is where you can change your Bolt name and delete your trial Bolt. If you happen to have a Bolt Plan, this is also where you can cancel a Bolt subscription or schedule one. Sites hosted on a Bolt have their own settings-page.

Getting started with Git

This document assumes you have already set up your Git account at either Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab or any other Git repository manager. This tutorial will help you on how to proceed from where you currently are in the process. For a more thorough read, check out Atlassian’s guide for Git. In this tutorial we will […]

How to create a Bolt

When you have accessed the Control Panel you can navigate to the Bolt section (Bolt is our name for hosts/servers). From here you can choose “Add new Bolt”,  followed by which hosting location you wish to place your Bolt on.  Firstly you need to establish for what version of PHP […]

Connect domains to a site

All paid plans have the ability to connect a domain to your Servebolt site. If you don’t have access to add domains to your Servebolt site, you probably need to upgrade your Bolt to one of the paid plans. You can add domains easily by navigating to the site you […]

Modifying files with FileZilla

There are two ways to modify a file on the server using FileZilla. You can of course alter it locally, and then transfer it to the server again. FileZilla will promp a window asking if you want to overwrite the file, or skip the file. Choose overwrite and it will […]

Transferring files with FileZilla

FileZilla is a drag and drop application for FTP. It makes it extremely easy to transfer files from your local machine to your remote server. On the left side you will have your local directory, here you will have to navigate to the file or repository you want to transfer. […]

Connecting with FileZilla

When you open FileZilla for the first time, you’re met by an empty window without any connection. On the bottom left you can see your home directory. FileZilla is a drop and drag application that allows you to drag files from you local directory onto the server. Firstly you need […]

Downloading FileZilla

FileZilla can be used to access your website host files with a SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) connection. Download FileZilla from Click on the left grey box for client download. Note: It is important that you get the client version and not the server version. Once you have downloaded the […]

Why does SFTP (FTP) Fail to Connect?

If your FTP program is not connecting properly, here are some possible reasons: Make sure you’re using SFTP. That does not mean FTPS, and not the old and insecure FTP. Make sure you use port 1022, many SFTP programs use port 22 as default. Make sure your username and password […]

Migration Troubleshooting

Once you’ve migrated your site over to your Servebolt powered site you may run into some issues if you’ve missed a step. The following are issues we see frequently: The DNS of your domain has not been changed or propagated yet Your domain is not pointing to the correct IP […]

How to make an SSH key pair

An SSH key pair is very useful when you want to more securely give, or get access to a server from another server or computer. This will allow the connecting computer to authenticate using a check (comparing) of keys instead of password. The key pair consists of two keys: Public […]

Getting Started with Servebolt

Welcome to Servebolt! This article will help you getting started properly with your Servebolt powered site on our Bolts. Create an account Create a site Migrating over your site Create an account If you’ve not already created an account, registering one is super easy and can be done right here. After […]