Why Doesn’t Servebolt run Virtualization?

Many hosting companies push virtualization as the best way to host your site. And yes, there are many positive things about virtualization. But the fact is, most of the positive sides of virtualization is to the benefit of the hosting company and not the customer.

At Servebolt we have proven that running on Bolts is the better alternative, for the customer. A Bolt is:

  • Faster
  • More energy efficient
  • More secure

With virtualization the server will use more resources and energy on delivering a website compared to many other hosting alternatives. Mostly because the virtualization itself is consuming resources. More energy consumption means less environmentally sustainable.

Any virtualized environment also comes at a cost of performance. Both virtualization with a VPS and in the cloud is less performant than a Bolt. Mostly for the same reason as why virtualization is more energy and resource heavy than many other hosting alternatives.

All Bolts run like one, which means maintaining our cloud is easier than most other pools of hardware. That’s why you can rest assured that running Bolts will always be more secure and better maintained than any virtualized environment.