What are the Hardware Specs on Servebolt?

We understand that you want to know the hardware specs. The hardware specs can tell you something about value for money, right? Well, not with us to be honest. And the reason why is that we do optimisations on a deeper level than any other hosting provider we know of.

Which means we get more out of our hardware in terms of performance and scalability. And that is why it is hard to relate hardware specs to the actual performance or scalability you get, at least with Servebolt.

We sell hosting as a service, and not hosting hardware. And the reason why you want to know hardware specs is to have an idea of the scalabilty and performance. Set up a test, and decide if the performance and scalability we deliver is the performance and scalability you need 🚀 .

Not if the CPU is the CPU you need. Set up a free test now and discover how fast we are!