How to Install WordPress on Servebolt

We are currently offering three different ways to install WordPress on your Servebolt site. If you just want us to do it for you, say hi in the chat and ask for it – and our Support Team will do it for you in a matter of minutes. The two other options are:


The easiest method for installing WordPress is by connecting with SSH. We have pre-installed WP-CLI, the command line tool for WordPress on all Bolts.

To install WordPress using the wp command (WP-CLI), you simply need to log on to your site with SSH.

ssh user@server

Navigate to the public folder in your home directory (cd ~/public) and then run the wp core download command:

cd ~/public

wp core download

Then you have downloaded all the necessary WordPress files to you ~/public/ folder. The only thing you need to do now is to set up the installation by visiting the internal URL for your site, that you find in the Control Panel of your site in Servebolt.


You can also download all the files for your WordPress and upload them with an FTP program like FileZilla. First, you need to download the necessary files from Then you need to connect with SFTP, you can use FileZilla for this. Here is an article on connecting with FileZilla. And here’s an article on how to use it.

When you’ve connected to the server and downloaded your files, you simply drag them over to your ~/public/ folder.