Servebolt Invoices Explained

Example of what a Servebolt invoice looks like

Billing Period
The Billing Period specifies for which period you have been billed. This is usually 1 month, 3 months or 1 year – depending on what you have chosen during checkout. 

If you have up or downgraded mid term, or made orders for additional products that in the future will be consolidated to the same invoice period, you may get an invoice for a shorter period than the usual billing frequency. The invoice will be listed in your invoice overview with a comment that it is prorated. 

Billing Period Alignment
Payments for upgrades are due when ordered. Upgrades are invoiced with a period ending at the end of your current billing period, so invoicing will be aligned from the next billing period.

Downgrades or cancellations can result in credits being issued for services that are terminated before the end of the term. Credits are equivalent to real money. They can not be paid out in cash, but will reduce the amount payable on your next invoice.

When does my billing period start?

Your billing period starts at the day of your first subscription order.

How can I see the plan price?
The plan price and add-on prices are easily available when you configure your Bolt. After checking out the order, the invoice is generated containing the Plan name. 

Because of pro-ration and billing period alignment, the invoice amount may differ from the plan price (like on the Invoice above, where the plan price during checkout was NOK 998). The invoice for the next full billing period will display the sum equivalent to the monthly charge for the plan.

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