Invoice Fees

Servebolt moved to an automated billing system in the fall of 2019. During this process, all customers were informed several times before the switch and encouraged to move from manual bank payments (or for Norway EHF) to the three new free invoice payment options.

The three free ways to pay the invoices to Servebolt are:

  • Direct Debit (Also known as Autogiro)
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

Using either of these three payment methods will automatically eliminate any invoice fee charges from Servebolt.

To switch to automated billing and payment, you only have to log in to the Control Panel and ​add your preferred payment method to your account.

When are invoice fees billed?

Invoices are issued continuously, and the invoice fees are typically invoiced once or twice yearly. Unfortunately, because the billing system is designed for automatic payments, it is impossible to automatically add the invoice fee to every manual invoice.

Multiple payment methods

You can add multiple payment methods if you want both a primary payment method and one or several backup payment methods in case the primary automated payment method does work.

What happens if you don’t add a payment method?

All new customers are required to add a valid payment method on signup. If you are a customer that has been with us prior to October 31 2019 it is possible that you still are paying your invoices using manual bank payments.

For these invoices issued after October 31, 2019, we will calculate (and later invoice) an invoice fee of $10 (99 NOK, €10) for all invoices that require manual invoicing & payment processing due to missing payment methods. Add a payment method now to avoid the manual processing fee. Be aware that this fee will increase over time.

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