Billing of Overage on Usage Based Resources

All billing of overages is based on the pricing of our standard offering.

Overage on Dynamic Requests

To ensure service continuity for our customers, Servebolt does not cap traffic or in other ways limit Dynamic Request usage. This means that your website can consume more resources than is included in your hosting plan, or as add-ons – and still be online. Under these circumstances, there’s a question of overages.

You are at all times responsible for making sure that you pay for sufficient Dynamic Requests with your hosting plan and add-ons. If you exceed the limits, you should get in touch with your account executive or partner manager to find a suitable solution to your overuse of Dynamic Requests. We have a friendly policy that allows for flexibility from our side when there’s a question of special circumstances.

Correct use/billing of Dynamic Requests is important to Servebolt, as the consumption is fundamental to resource planning, auto-scaling of resources and operations.

If you should not get in touch to resolve the situation, Servebolt will charge you for Dynamic Request Overages in arrears (see TOC 7.4 and 7.5), based on overage prices. The price of overages is two tiers up from the current tier included in your plan and add-ons. If your subscription is still on a legacy plan, the current Pro plan prices will be used as basis for the billing of overages.

Please note that Servebolt employees can not change your subscription or add-ons on your behalf without prior specific written consent in every case.

To make sure that you pay the cheapest price, always make sure that your subscription includes coverage for your consumption – and stay in touch with our team.