Pricing – Bolts standard offering

This article covers all pricing on Servebolt’s standard offering. Article intent This article aims to provide transparency regarding our pricing structure. To obtain an accurate calculation of the price for your Bolt, we strongly recommend reaching out to our sales or support team. They will be able to provide you […]

Billing of Overage on Usage Based Resources

All billing of overages is based on the pricing of our standard offering. Overage on Dynamic Requests To ensure service continuity for our customers, Servebolt does not cap traffic or in other ways limit Dynamic Request usage. This means that your website can consume more resources than is included in […]

Invoice Fees

Servebolt moved to an automated billing system in the fall of 2019. During this process, all customers were informed several times before the switch and encouraged to move from manual bank payments (or for Norway EHF) to the three new free invoice payment options. The three free ways to pay […]

How Servebolt Billing works for Accountants

All self-served customers on Servebolt can view the billing history and download all previous invoices from the billing section on their account page. Sometimes we receive requests from accountants that ask for information regarding customer accounts and invoices. There are several reasons for why Servebolt can not provide such information […]

Join our Agency Partner Program

We have a Agency Partner Program that allows you to receive Partner Rewards as well as free hosting of your own site. You can learn more about this at our Agency Partner Program page. After you have filled out the form on the page linked to above, you will receive all […]

Transfer Bolt to client

The client need to have an account with us. Let them know that they can register at and that they need to fill out their billing info in the billing portal. Send them this link: if they don’t know where to find the portal. When that is done let us […]

How up- and downgrades work

Upgrades (and downgrades) are done through our Control Panel’s upgrade page. Upgrades will take effect as soon as you go through checkout. You’re then able to make use of the extra storage, dynamic requests, production environments, and/or PHP memory limit immediately! Downgrades are a bit different. As soon as you […]

Adding developers and technical contact

Adding developers or a technical contact can be done by first navigating to the Bolt you want to add a contact to. Here you should then see a section called Access Owner contactReceives full management access to your host. Technical contactReceives full management access to your host, and is our […]