1014 CNAME Cross User Banned Error

When you experience the 1014 CNAME Cross User Banned error, it’s most likely because the domain you are requesting is set up with DNS records pointing to the Accelerated Domains endpoints, but the domain (hostname) is not set up in Accelerated Domains. Fixing this is simple, be sure of which domain(s) is […]

Accelerated Domains cache policies

Accelerated Domains implements cache policies in a smart way depending on the type of asset, and the cache TTL (time-to-live) is determined by the Cache Engine itself to enhance performance. The Cache Engine implements efficient caching headers used both by the Accelerated Domains Cache Engine itself, and browsers. Like with […]

Cache purge options on Accelerated Domains

When you’re using Accelerated Domains there are a couple of ways to purge the cache on your site, you’ll need the Servebolt Optimizer plugin installed. To get all Accelerated Domains features working, it’s recommended to use this plugin. If the plugin is not installed already, follow these steps to install […]

Why do I need to validate my domain name?

Domain Validation is required and part of the setup of Accelerated Domains. With domain validation, we check if you have control over the domain you want to enable Accelerated Domains for. There are a couple of reasons these checks are being done, but the most important ones are these: Security By […]