SSH with PuTTY

SSH with a password prompt

When you want to connect to our servers with SSH on PC you will need a program like PuTTY. You can download the program PuTTY here.

When you start PuTTY you’ll see this screen

To connect, you simply put your SSH username in front of the bolt name, with @ in between the Host Name field. E.g: 

[email protected]

If you don’t want to do this every time, you can save your session. Just name your session and click “save”. We’ll use this function later for SSH key authentication.

Press Open and then you will get a password prompt. Simply write your SFTP/SSH password and you are in!

Did you forget your username and password?

You should have gotten an email with all the login information when you created the site with us. If you have lost the email, you can find the information in your control panel. You can also change the password with the RESET SFTP/SSH PASSWORD button.

SSH without password prompt

If you don’t want to get the password prompt every time you can set up a private/public key authentication.
When you downloaded PuTTY you should’ve gotten another program called PuTTYgen.

Click the generate button, and to generate the key you need to move your cursor in the blank area. You should see something like this:

First, you need to save the private key. Save it as id_rsa.ppk.

Then you need to copy the blue text as shown in the picture above. This is going into an authorized_keys file that you will put on your server.
When you have connected with SSH you first need to make a ~/.ssh/ directory at the home directory:

mkdir ~/.ssh/

Then you need to make and edit the authorized_keys file:

nano ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Simply paste the text you copied from earlier and save it
(CTRL + X → y → enter to save)

Now go back to the normal PuTTY program, and navigate to the Auth section, under SSH. Then simply add the path to where you saved the private key in the “Private key file for authentication” field.

Go back up to the Session section and overwrite the saved session from before.

Now you can simply choose the session you saved, click open and you’re connected without needing to enter your password!