The WordPress cache is supercharged by the Servebolt hosting stack in multiple ways. Caching of static assets like scripts, stylesheets and images is built-in by default, with optimal compression settings.

Caching of HTML can easily be enabled, and it also uses the cache systems already present in the hosting stack.

It is important to use server based caching for both performance, and scalability reasons. Using a PHP based caching plugin will never be as fast as relying on server caching. Server caches are many times more effective, and enable you to handle much larger amounts of traffic, compared to using normal WordPress plugins for caching.

Servebolt Optimizer Plugin for WordPress 

The free Servebolt Optimizer Plugin for WordPress also works for hosting stacks outside of Servebolt that conform to web standards. Instead of doing the caching in PHP, the plugin makes correct caching headers that enables the web server to cache HTML for you. This means that the NGINX web server will serve your cached HTML content, without hitting the slow PHP layer.

You can read our service articles about how to configure cache with Servebolt Optimizer for WordPress.

Servebolt Optimizer vs Caching Plugins

W3 Total Cache is an example of a “do-it-all” plugin that adds a lot of code to your code base. WP Fastest Cache is also another PHP based cache plugin. Plugins like these might be useful in non-optimized environments, but on a hosting stack like Servebolt’s, they’ll never deliver faster performance than if you just rely on server based caching.

How does caching work in WordPress?

There are several different types of cache in WordPress, not just HTML page caching. Check out the full explanation of how caching works in WordPress. If you are serious about making fast websites, learning to use transients the right way is a very efficient way to speed up WordPress.

The fastest WordPress Cache + CDN setup

With the Servebolt Optimizer plugin, the headers of WordPress are prepared for being cached on CDNs as well. We offer Servebolt CDN for free for two domains per Bolt.Full page caching of HTML on a CDN is slightly more expensive, but can deliver amazing performance results for users globally.

Through our Cloudflare Partnership, we deliver solutions that enhance security, speed and reduce the carbon footprint of a website. Accelerated Domains is one of them and an excellent choice for your WordPress / WooCommerce website.