Why Servebolt Should Manage your Cloudflare Account

Servebolt managed Cloudflare accounts come with a set of benefits for you as a customer. As a Cloudflare Enterprise partner, Servebolt provides customized Cloudflare Partner plans.

I already have a Cloudflare account, why bother to migrate it to Servebolt? 

  1. Servebolt can only assist you with your setup if your account is part of our partner account.
  2. The Servebolt Operations team can only manage traffic events if it is part of our partner account .
  3. The Cloudflare Partner Pro and Cloudflare Partner Business plans have additional included benefits (For example, Argo routing and unlimited use of Workers).

What about access, can I change settings?

You have full access to all configuration through the Cloudflare dashboard. That includes DNS records, firewall and optimization features, just like you may be used to from your personal Cloudflare account. 

How to get the Servebolt Cloudflare Partner Account

Let us know on the support chat that you will like to move, and our team will happily assist you. 

How to terminate the Servebolt Cloudflare Partner Account

Moving away from Servebolt is as easy as moving in. You just create a new Cloudflare account, move over the domain, the Cloudflare Zone, and once that’s done, you can terminate the Servebolt subscription. Mind you, you will need to copy over the settings manually as there’s no way to do this automated.