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Enterprise Partner

Servebolt is a Cloudflare certified partner and re-seller. Together we deliver world class web performance, and leading online security solutions to our shared portfolio of clients.

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Servebolt + Cloudflare = ❤️

The combination of Servebolt and Cloudflare is proven to deliver exceptional performance globally.

Cloudflare hosting

Servebolt delivers Cloudflare hosting for any LAMP based application, the fastest origin hosting in the market.

World class UX

Servebolt with Cloudflare provides the solid web performance and security foundation you need to deliver the best user experience for your audience.

We're tech-forward

Bleeding edge technology, new protocols and security innovations come first to Servebolt and Cloudflare.

Why work with an enterprise partner?

The large number of features and configuration options requires specialists to achieve the fastest and best user experience, while keeping your online presence stable and secure.

With Servebolt as your enterprise partner, you get performance, security and scaling experts on your team. We’ll join your team and cater your online applications as if they were our own.

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Fully managed enterprise services

The Servebolt and Cloudflare Enterprise team gives you access to team players – that will manage, secure, scale, tune and optimize your online services. Reduce your operational risk, and leave maintenance, monitoring and disruption management to Servebolt and Cloudflare specialists.

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Cloudflare Certified Partner™

Our Cloudflare Enterprise Partnership is about the people, and working together. As a client you will benefit from the close collaboration, and experience short lines of communication.

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Cloudflare Optimized Partner™

Servebolt and Cloudflare also connect on the networking level. In addition to network peering, and connecting on the same internet exchanges, the partnership also features network traffic optimization between our data centers.

Choosing the right plans for your business

Business Plans

The Servebolt provided Cloudflare Business plans come with the key performance add-ons as default. That means you get the fastest routing, support for edge full page caching with cookie bypass, and the 100% uptime SLA with daily Always online™️ crawls.

In addition your zone is protected with Servebolt maintained WAF rules and support for custom rules.

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise clients are served from a dedicated and extra protected network. The Cloudflare Enterprise plan is suitable for clients with large portfolios, or heavy traffic.

You get all features from the Cloudflare Business Plans, and in addition all the other advanced features that exist on Cloudflare. That includes cache tag purging, the 2500% uptime SLA and dedicated account management, both at Servebolt and Cloudflare.

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Leverage the World's fastest CDN

The combination of Servebolt fast origin hosting, with the reach and scale of the Cloudflare content delivery network strikes the web performance bulls eye! The best of the best in the backend performance and global content distribution delivers the fastest possible experience for your website’s visitors.

Powered by 180 data centers

The Cloudflare network consists of 180 PoPs World wide.

Serving the global audience

Cloudflare serves more web traffic than Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Instagram, Bing, & Wikipedia combined!

10% of internet traffic

More than 10% of global internet traffic is served from the Cloudflare CDN edge.

Stopping DDOS attacks

Cloudflare has a track record of mitigating the largest DDOS attacks ever recorded.

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Servebolt dominates the WP Hosting Benchmark Review 2021

Servebolt + Cloudflare was put to the test against its peers in the the largest independent online WordPress hosting benchmark for the third time in a row

See how fast and scalable Servebolt + Cloudflare is

Is your site among the most visited websites?

Websites with traffic that make the Alexa Top 50K ranking have enterprise scale traffic and scaling needs.

Check your site’s rankings here.

Enterprise WordPress hosting

Servebolt Enterprise WordPress hosting is suitable for Alexa top 20 000 sites, and is a great fit for both WooCommerce, critical business pages or large blog and new sites.

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Magento Commerce

Many of the largest e-commerce stores run Magento Commerce.

Get in touch with the enterprise team

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Chat, email and phone support

You’ll get access to direct lines of communication with our team of experts.

SLA Options

Choose between standard 99.9% SLA, 100% SLA or the 2500% SLA.

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PCI Compliance

We can assist you in meeting PCI DSS 2.0 and 3.0 Requirement 6.6.