Admin panel v20.0

We’ve made several improvements to how the server environment is setup for customers using Magento 2. This will make it even easier to get started and use Magento 2 with us.

Public website improvements

Following the launch of our new public website we’ve made several improvements, with new pages, functions, graphics and much more. This to benefit both existing and new customers of ours.

New version of Nano editor

A new major version of the Nano text editor has been rolled-out site-wide. Read our separate post about it for more info.

Adminpanel updates

Several minor updates/fixes has ben done to our control panel.

New site-wide nano editor

A new version of the nano text editor has been added to all servers. It’s easily available through SSH, using the command “nano”. Here are some highlights in the new version release:

  • Shift + arrow-keys highlights text
  • Highlighted text can be deleted using the Del-key (Alt + U to undo)
  • Highlighted text can be intended using the Tab-key, ur unindented using Shift + Tab.
  • Alt + arrow-key up/down to scroll without moving cursor
  • CTRL + arrow-key left/right to jump between words
  • CTRL + arrow-key up/down to jump between sections
  • CTRL + Del-key to delete whole words
  • CTRL + R opens a new file in a new buffer (CTRL + T opens file browser when file name is requested)
  • ALT + arrow-key left/right to switch between open fill buffers

Softwrap is enabled by default, so you can see the whole line on screen, and it won’t cause any line wrap/cut issues. Nano can now also be started with --mouse to enable mouse support. Not necessarily useful, but it may be fun.

Admin panel v19

We’ve reviewed the code for our admin panel, for future IPv6 support.

Quota bug in admin panel

A (rather tricky) bug related to the quota function in our admin panel has been fixed.

Git delete feature added

The Git management section in our admin panel now supports deletion of Git repositories.

New identity and launch of a completely refreshed

After many months with design, illustrations, content production and hard core web development our brand new website is live!

A super big thank you to for helping us create better content, Simpleness for designing our new site and Emil Fabio for doing our awesome illustrations.

The site runs on WordPress, tailored to our needs by Thomas Audunhus, with some assistance from Erlend Eide!

To ensure a best possible user experience, the site is hosted in all our Servebolt Cloud regions, and runs Cloudflare geo load balancer and Argo smart routing to ensure the best possible load times from any corner of the World.

Enjoy! 🎉

Admin panel v18.0

We now offer our performance services in the South-East Asian market through a new Cloud Region in Singapore. Read more here: Servebolt Cloud Region South-East Asia – Singapore.Improvement

Improved logging in admin panel

We’ve further improved the logging of events in our admin panel. This will benefit future functions for our customers.New

Increased permission for contacts

Partners and technical contacts/developers can now order and manage SSL-certificates for their clients websites.