How To upgrade the PHP version of your site

Your site’s PHP version is defined per Bolt. This means that all sites on your Bolt will be using the same version of PHP.

This in turn means that if you want to upgrade your site to a higher version of PHP, your other sites will be upgraded as well. So, in short, upgrading PHP would require all sites on your Bolt to upgrade.

How to upgrade

Average time needed: 2 days.

How to upgrade the PHP version of your Bolt

  1. Contact our Support Team

    When you’re ready to upgrade your Bolt to a higher PHP version, contact our Support Team and we’ll be happy to create a new Trial Bolt for you with the desired version of PHP. Mind you, it has to be one of our supported PHP versions.

  2. Migrate your sites to new Bolt

    Once we’ve created a new Trial Bolt for you, we’ll add the space you need and copy over the sites with our sitecopy script. If you would like to do this yourself, you can. Just let our Support Team know.

  3. Test your sites on the new Bolt

    The next step is an important one. A upgraded version of PHP for your site(s) may cause issues depending on the code you’re running. Make sure you double check all functionality and be sure to check the ErrorLog file.

  4. Confirm upgrade

    If you’re happy with how your sites are performing with the upgraded version of PHP, contact our Support Team. We’ll guide you through the next steps to turn your trial Bolt into your production Bolt.

  5. Switch DNS

    Once our Support Team is ready with preparing your new trial Bolt to be the new production Bolt, the next step is switching the DNS of your site. Your domain register or Cloudflare’s DNS settings need to point to the IP address of your new Bolt. Learn more about how to best prepare yourself for that.

    The Support Team can temporarily reroute the traffic from your old Bolt to your new Bolt so insure immediate switch to the new Bolt.

Especially step 3 allows you to properly test your sites on the new PHP version. This is a process that can be completed in about two days, though faster is also possible. However, if it turns out you need more time, that’s fine as well. Your trial Bolts are available for 60 days by default.

Note: Internal Site Migrations to upgrade your site to a new PHP version are free of charge for all Pro plans and above.

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